Light up your kitchen

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Light up your kitchen

The kitchen is the busiest room in the home. And just like in all rooms of your home, a combination of general, task and mood lighting is the best way to create a mix of diffused and directed light.

General lighting

Start with some pleasant, glare-free general lighting that can be turned on by the door as you enter the kitchen. This will be useful when you come in with bags of groceries to unload. You can fit an overhead light with a dimmer switch so that you can choose a softer effect when you’re sitting down to eat or relax, for example.

Functional/task lighting

Good task lighting over the worktop in the kitchen helps to prevent accidents: it ensures that you can really see what you are doing on the chopping board with those sharp knives. Task lighting can be fitted under the overhead cabinets and above the sink, well out of the way of wet surfaces.

If your kitchen contains an eating area or breakfast bar, it’s cosy and flattering to have one – or several - hanging lamps with a dimmer switch over the table. This will allow you to have brighter light for homework, sewing or other tasks, and softer light for mealtimes.

Mood lighting

Mood lighting can be achieved by illuminating the inside of glass-fronted cabinets, or highlighting a pretty object on a shelf or countertop. Small, directional lights are good for this.

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