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IKEA news and collections

Annual report  2017
June 2018
IKEA Southeast Asia 2017 Annual Report
Launched ecommerce in Singapore. Opened an IKEA store and a new shopping centre in Malaysia. Built up a new store in Thailand. Established a start-up team in the Philippines. Delivered a great day out and affordable home furnishings to more than 71 million visitors.

Our team did a lot last year to create a better everyday life for the many people in Southeast Asia. In our 2017 annual report, we share stories behind that journey with our co-workers, business partners, media friends and, of course, our valued customers.
Read our 2017 IKEA Southeast Asia Annual Report. (.PDF)
New at IKEA, the INDUSTRIELL collection includes a shelving unit, and armchair, pendant lamps, chairs, table, benches and vases in light, natural colours.
MAY 2018
IKEA has teamed up with LA-based fashion designer Chris Stamp, and freelance designer Maja Ganszyniec for a limited edition collection: SPÄNST. Inspired by street fashion and an active lifestyle, SPÄNST features furniture, accessories and items for storing, displaying and organising some of your favourites at home.
Limited edition collection, launching in May 2018
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 PH149826 PH149825 PH149841 PH149848 PH149849 PH149814 PH149815 PH149820 PH149821 PH149822 PH149823 PH149827 PH149839 PH149809 PH149812 PH149811 PH149824 PH149813 PH149850 PH149842 PH150128 PH150130 PH150126 PH150129 PH150127 PH150125
Get ready for DELAKTIG, a new open take on seating! Launched by IKEA and designer Tom Dixon, you can personalise or change this open sofa platform any way you like. Add a table and a new pillow cover. Swap the armrests around. Dress it in a new cover.
Designed by IKEA and Tom Dixon, DELAKTIG is an aluminium, knock-down “platform for living”. Inspired by the tech industry, its design is open-sourced, inviting anyone – company or individual – to make it their own.
Sales start February 2018
Download press material for DELAKTIG (.PDF)Download all pictures (20,2MB .zip)
# PH148102 PH148099 PH148100 PH148101 PH148116 PH148115 PH148114 PH148113 PH148109 PH148108 PH148107 PH148111 PH148112 PH148110 PH148105 PH148104 PH148103 PH148106 Delaktig_GIF_eclectic Delaktig_GIF_shared Delaktig_GIF_scandinavian Delaktig_GIF_smallspace PH148364 PH148365
IKEA brightens up February by launching lots of products with playful, colourful design for different rooms.
New Products - February
This month we’re introducing a range of products that make the everyday more playful. Among the highlights are two new side tables and pendant lamps in attractive, modern designs. Parents can delight in new baby furniture, a baby textile collection and children’s mattresses, all developed with child safety as top priority. For the bathroom, there’s a range of water and energy-saving showers. There are also the smaller products, such as a range of clocks with new functions and products for tea and coffee times – making the everyday more fun and tasty!
Sales start February 2018
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IKEA launches products with focus on playfulness, sustainability, lighting and children’s rooms in February 2018. PH148148 PH148155 PH148149 PH148156 PH148150 PH148157 PH148220 PH148234 PH148153 PH148169 PH148214 PH148233 PH148213 PH148237 PH148232 PH148151 PH148166 PH148172 PH148167 PH148152 PH148173 PH148442 PH148218 PH148443 PH148445 PH148444 PH148165 PH148168 PH148216 PH148236 PH148221 PH148240 PH148130 PH148170 PH148215 PH148241
This year’s summer collection of comfy outdoor furniture, solar-driven lighting, vibrant fabrics and fresh accessories invite you to slow down and capture each moment of your staycation. Because, whether rain or sunshine, there’s no place quite like home.
Summer collection
Introducing this year’s 2018 Summer collection, we’re offering a wide variety of indoor and outdoor pieces to complete your ultimate summer staycation. Think: lazy mornings, spontaneous adventures and mindful moments with nature by your side. Inspired by the bliss of Scandinavian summers, here’s to seizing each moment as it comes, at home.
Sales start February 2018
Download press material for Summer (.PDF)Download all pictures (31,5MB .zip)
This year’s summer collection of comfy outdoor furniture, solar-driven lighting, vibrant fabrics and fresh accessories invite you to slow down and capture each moment of your staycation. Because, whether rain or sunshine, there’s no place quite like home. PH148331 PH148393 PH148332 PH148345 PH148343 PH148346 PH148347 PH148405 PH148379 PH148380 PH148378 PH148377 PH148394 PH148389 PH148387 PH148390 PH148388 PH148392 PH148397 PH148404 PH148355 PH148336 PH148341 PH148335 PH148340 PH148338 PH148334 PH148337 PH148342 PH148339 PH148391 PH148333 PH148375 PH148372 PH148373 PH148374 PH148371 PH148370 PH148381 PH148396 PH148395 PH148384 PH148383 PH148376 PH148344 PH148368 PH148360 PH148363 PH148366 PH148369 PH148361 PH148359 PH148354 PH148356 PH148401 PH148352 PH148351 PH148349 PH148358 PH148353 PH148350 PH148348 PH148400 PH148385 PH148357 PH148403 PH148382 PH148386 PH148406 PH148362
The new IKEA winter collection includes tables, chairs, candle lighting, decorations, and more to welcome the rugged beauty of Iceland into your home.
Winter collection
The latest Winter collection will help you make your home a more beautiful, kinder place. Turn it into an inviting holiday haven or an instant party venue. We can even help you spread the love amongst your family and friends – during the holidays and all year round.
Sales start October 2017
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 PH146325 PH146357 PH146347 PH146872 PH146333 PH146349 PH146348 PH146331 PH146355 PH146317 PH146351 PH146358 PH146356 PH146359 PH146350 PH146318 PH145874 PH146332 PH146362 PH146361 PH146353 PH146352 PH146313 PH146314 PH146320 PH146354 PH146319 PH146316 PH146315 PH146360 PH146334 PH146322 PH146321
In October IKEA launches a Scandinavian collection of sustainable and handcrafted materials and products with a social mission in mind.
This month we’re introducing a range of products that breathe of Scandinavian design at its best. Among the news there’s a big offer of upholstered furniture from sofa beds to chairs, including a brand new stackable bed that works for many different homes and living situations. The launch brings new products made of more sustainable materials, such as a plastic bag produced of bioplastic. Other products are created with a social mission, like our special edition filter coffee supported by an IKEA Social Entrepreneurs Initiative in Uganda and wool rugs handwoven in another initiative in India and Bangladesh. The yearly drawing competition has given rise to new creatures designed by kids from across the globe. More highlights this launch include new metre fabrics, towels, lamps, scented candles and a papershop series – all wrapped up in the season’s colours!
Sales start October 2017
Download press material (.PDF)Download all pictures (
In October IKEA launches a Scandinavian collection of sustainable and handcrafted materials and products with a social mission in mind. PH146900 PH146550 PH146545 PH146549 PH146894 PH146874 PH146908 PH146504 PH146509 PH146848 PH146506 PH146847 PH146881 PH146846 PH146546 PH146507 PH146912 PH146900 PH146840 PH146849 PH146879 PH146851 PH146886 PH146875 PH146873 PH146895 PH146896 PH146893 PH146890 PH146880 PH146842 PH146839 PH146841 PH146844 PH146877 PH146888 PH146913 PH146878 PH146911 PH146887 PH146910 PH146904 PH146903 PH146901 PH146883 PH146891 PH146512 PH146508 PH146884 PH146909 PH146892 PH146907 PH146923 PH146548 PH147211 PH147214 PH147215 PH147213 PH147210 PH147212 PH146876 PH146511 PH146858 PH146505 PH146853 PH146850 PH146856 PH146855 PH146857
IKEA and HAY present modern coffee tables, sofas, cushions, textiles, chairs, accessories and more timeless furniture pieces in their latest collaboration.
YPPERLIG collection
This October we’re launching our latest collection, done with the Danish design company HAY. By combining materials, colours and production techniques, YPPERLIG is a collection of basics adapted to modern needs and wants that truly shows the greatness of collaboration.
Sales start October 2017
Download press material (.PDF)Download all pictures (4.1MB .zip)
IKEA and HAY present modern coffee tables, sofas, cushions, textiles, chairs, accessories and more timeless furniture pieces in their latest collaboration. PH146014 PH146017 PH146015 PH146035 PH146016 PH146018 PH146025 PH146020 PH146021 PH146022 PH146023 PH146024 PH146026 PH146027 PH146028 PH146029 PH146030 PH146031 PH146032 PH146033 PH146034
With a range of new products you can create an inviting atmosphere in your home. The collection takes you into a universe filled with deep colours, golden accents and a touch of the tropics - made with respect for the environment.
This month we’re happy to introduce a range of products that create an inviting atmosphere in the home. For the living room, there’s a neat armchair in a range of seasonal colours, a sofa bed with quick conversion and new textiles from rugs to throws that help cosy up the place. When it comes to dining, a new chair combines iconic design with sustainable innovation. Top that off with stylish dinnerware that’s made partly of glass from IKEA factory scraps. Some other highlights include an ash worktop for the kitchen and leather handles that give a twist to storage. A range of new taps make savings in the bathroom, while brass-coloured decoration objects add a feeling of small luxury across the home. Enjoy!
Sales start August 2017
Download press material (.PDF)Download press material for KUNGSBACKA kitchen fronts (.PDF)Download all pictures (21,2MB .zip)
 PH144749 PH145121 PH145086 PH145096 PH145093 PH144964 PH144704 PH144963 PH144748 PH144965 PH145091 PH145115 PH144650 PH144651 PH144740 PH144742 PH145085 PH145113 PH144982 PH144943 PH144973 PH144751 PH144942 PH144946 PH144655 PH144654 PH145090 PH144983 PH145122 PH144746 PH144945 PH144944 PH144977 PH144743 PH144966 PH144967 PH144701 PH144702 PH145092 PH144980 PH145094 PH144981 PH145087 PH145117 PH145112 PH145089 PH145111 PH144745 PH144658
A better everyday life
JUNE 2017
Creating a better everyday life for the many people
Our vision guides us in every aspect of our business. Our IKEA stores offer millions of people in Southeast Asia access to quality home furnishing products at affordable prices while our shopping centres provide meeting places for families and friends to shop, dine and play. But our vision goes beyond retail destinations. We strive to have a positive impact on our planet and all people touched by our business – customers, co-workers, suppliers and the communities in which we operate. Our first annual report is an opportunity to share what our team has achieved in 2016, and the challenges we are working to overcome. It has been a tough but very energising year!
Read our Southeast Asia annual report 2016
 A woman sitting on a washing machine surrounded by quilt covers and pillowcases in various patterns.
JUNE 2017
Limited Edition
The STUNSIG collection is here to make a statement. The designers and collectives have created a collection of vibrantly different and bold prints and applied them to everyday items like cushions, quilt covers, boxes and porcelain. STUNSIG adds the extra to the ordinary.
Sales start June 2017
Download press material for STUNSIG collection (.PDF)Download all pictures for STUNSIG collection (10MB .zip)
 PH142927 PH142926 PH142925 PH142924 PH142928 PH142930 PH142932 PH142934 PH142933 PH142935 PH142937 PH142936 PH142938 PH142939 PH142940 PH142944 PH142945 PH142946 PH142941 PH142942 PH142947 PH142950 PH142948 PH142943 PH142951 PH142952
Display of a collection consisting of cushions with colourful patterns, towels with white, green, blue and black stripes, sofa cover with blue geometric pattern, pre-cut fabrics with green palm trees, white/blue brick pattern and white/black square pattern.
MAY 2017
AVSIKTLIG Collection
Forget about nostalgia. When the iconic design collective 10-gruppen moves in to IKEA it’s with patterns that are just as bold today as when they first started out 45 years ago. In collaboration with three young IKEA designers they have created AVSIKTLIG – a playful collection of tableware and home textiles, plus more, that fuses the past and the present by being all about what lies ahead.
Get ready for a new beginning.
Download press material for AVSIKTLIG Collection (.PDF)
Display of a collection consisting of tableware in feldspar porcelain with different floral patterns, textiles with floral or geometric patterns in turquoise, red and white and glassware with a geometric pattern.
MAY 2017
HEMMAFEST Collection
The holiday’s drawing near. Soon it’s time to re-energize and get everyone together for a longed-for celebration. The HEMMAFEST collection is made up of tableware and home textiles that go perfectly with a happy Eid. And of course every cup, plate, tray or cushion works just as fine for all kinds of gatherings, all year round.
Sales start May 2017
Download press material for HEMMAFEST Collection (.PDF)Download all pictures for IKEA HEMMAFEST Collection (9,5MB .zip)
 PH141869 PH141883 PH141872 PH141611 PH141879 PH141875 PH141882 PH141711 PH141880 PH141877 PH141876 PH141870 PH141871 PH141667 PH141881 PH141874 PH141878
An ergonomic designed armchair with a grey cover and clear lacquered solid ash legs, shown in front of turquoise drapes and three white rice paper pendant lamps.
APRIL 2017
New products - APRIL
Just like spring, the new products this month bring freshness and lightness to the senses. One of the highlights is a range of multi-functional furniture in an airy industrial style designed for the ever-changing home. There’s also a lot of news on the storage front, from a shelving series to hallway solutions, including a textile wardrobe and storage baskets. Children can delight in new characters in a textile collection, along with another collection for an older age group and a coordinated papershop collection. This month also introduces some new lighting to suit every style, as well as knobs and handles that can be used across the home to renew and add a finishing touch. Enjoy!
Sales start April 2017
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Pressroom April News PH141426 PH141436 PH141556 PH141414 PH141425 PH141553 PH141530 PH141422 PH141552 PH141413 PH141412 PH141415 PH141434 PH141528 PH141533 PH141288 PH141503 PH141339 PH141401 PH141342 PH141351 PH141343 PH141352 PH141325 PH141327 PH141416 PH141494 PH141424 PH141432 PH141442 PH141421 PH141340 PH141345 PH141423 PH141420 PH141419 PH141527 PH141531 PH141969 PH141968 PH141324 PH141385 PH141359 PH141362 PH141417 PH141428 PH141357 PH141438 PH141441 PH141341 PH141350 PH141529 PH141290 PH141294
Close-up of a three-seat sofa with an orange velvet cover and lots of cushions.
APRIL 2017
The new STOCKHOLM 2017 collection
Scandinavian modernity of the highest quality – but at an affordable price. That’s STOCKHOLM 2017: a carefully curated collection in natural and tactile materials such as ash, rattan, velvet and hand-blown glass, to which Swedish light and nature has been an important source of inspiration. These pieces will be in your life for many years to come.
Sales start April 2017
Download press material for STOCKHOLM Collection (.PDF)Download all pictures for STOCKHOLM Collection (51,3MB .zip)
 PH141723 PH141724 PH141725 PH141726 PH141722 PH141730 PH141733 PH141734 PH141739 PH141740 PH141741 PH141742 PH141743 PH141748 PH141750 PH141752 PH141753 PH141754 PH141756 PH141757 PH141758 PH141759 PH141760 PH141761 PH141763 PH141766 PH141767 PH141771 PH141775 PH141777 PH141778 PH141779 PH141784 PH141789 PH141790 PH141794 PH141795 PH141797 PH141798 PH141799 PH141800 PH141801 PH141803 PH141805 PH141806 PH141808 PH141812 PH141813 PH141817 PH141818 PH141819 PH141820 PH141849 PH141850 PH141857 PH141858 PH141865 STOCKHOLM_survey findings_01 STOCKHOLM_survey findings_02 STOCKHOLM_survey findings_03 STOCKHOLM_survey findings_04 STOCKHOLM_survey findings_05 STOCKHOLM_survey findings_06 STOCKHOLM_survey findings_07 STOCKHOLM_survey findings_08 STOCKHOLM_survey findings_09 STOCKHOLM_survey findings_10
A white wall with 12 diverse posters, from internationally known artists, that is a part of a limited edition collection at IKEA.
APRIL 2017
Limited edition collection
12 diverse limited edition posters from internationally known artists that all express themselves through drawing. With ART EVENT 2017 we continue our mission to make great art accessible for everyone.
Sales start April 2017
Download press material for IKEA ART EVENT 2017 (.PDF)Download all pictures for IKEA ART EVENT 2017 (30,3MB .zip)
 PH141448 PE642328 PH141465 PE642816 PH141453 PE642329 PH141460 PE642827 PH141461 PE642821 PH141452 PE642817 PH141462 PE642824 PH141463 PE642327 PH141464 PE642820 PH141459 PE642818 PH141466 PE642326 PH141468 PE642325 PH141467 PH141449 PH141450 PH141454 PH141455 PH141456 PH141457 PH141458
 Close-up of a kitchen with drawer fronts, doors and open storage, in blonde ash wood effect, with a grain pattern that you can both see and feel.
New products - FEBRUARY
This February we have a range of new products that make the home a more beautiful and functional place to be. We’re launching two new kitchen fronts with strong expressions and affordable price tags. On the storage front, there are two new series that work across the home, as well as clever accessories for familiar storage series. This month brings a new seating family along with a range of new textiles to get cosy with, including an entire children’s collection. To decorate the home there are vases, deco objects and pictures that refresh the room - right in time to get ready for springtime!
Sales start February 2017
Download press material (.PDF)Download all pictures (
Pressroom February News PH140760 PH140706 PH140753 PH140750 PH140659 PH140642 DSC1757 DSC1259 PH140689 PH140684 PH140654 PH140661 PH140658 PH140736 PH140835 PH140784 PH140783 PH140733 PH140755 PH140691 PH140688 PH140621 PH140611 PH140592 PH140587 PH140752 PH140734 PH140817 PH140665 PH140622 PH140616 PH140614 PH140596 PH140591 PH140586 PH140610 PH140646 PH140643 PH140640 PH140773 PH140735 PH140683 PH140656 PH140878 PH140879 PH140706 PH140705 PH140831 PH141443 PH140660 PH140655 PH140644 PH140641 PH140650 PH140653 PH140589 PH140584 PH140607 PH140601 PH140603 PH140604 PH140602 PH140605 PH140595 PH140729 PH140727 PH140758 PH140751 PH140833 PH140664 PH140726 PH140708 PH140737 PH140777 PH140742 PH140738
A woman and a man relaxing in two hammocks, hung between two trees.
Time to discover a wild stretch of beach, explore a magical forest or hide out in a mountain cottage. Or stay at home, and take the time to enjoy your balcony or backyard. With practical outdoor furniture, parasols, colourful fabrics, solarpowered lanterns and more, IKEA has everything you need for your exciting adventures, all under one roof.
Sales start February 2017
Download press material for SOMMAR/OUTDOOR (.PDF)Download all images for SOMMAR/OUTDOOR (67,
 PH140117 PH140141 PH140124 PH140123 PH140160 PH140127 PH140179 PH140061 PH140105 PH140106 PH140107 PH140104 PH140057 PH140058 PH140059 PH140060 PH140166 PH140163 PH140143 PH140164 PH140165 PH140144 PH140172 PH140103 PH140101 PH140097 PH140098 PH140167 PH140111 PH140112 PH140120 PH140174 PH140175 PH140182 PH140176 PH140121 PH140168 PH140122 PH140178 PH140181 PH140177 PH140180 PH140116 PH140148 PH140147 PH140146 PH140115 PH140114 PH140171 PH140169 PH140190 PH140108 PH140110 PH140109 PH140135 PH140130 PH140285 PH140132 PH140131 PH140134 PH140136 PH140184 PH140183 PH140133 PH140126 PH140139 PH140156 PH140129 PH140157 PH140138 PH140158 PH140137 PH140159 PH140119 PH140191 PH140161 PH140162
SPRIDD limited edition collection
With music and mobility as starting points, fashion designer Kit Neale and IKEA have created SPRIDD – a print-based collection of tents, bags, storage boxes and cushion covers (plus lots of other funtastic pieces) for everyone who’s on the move.
Sales start February 2017
Download press material (.PDF)Download all pictures (
 PH139889 PH139752 PH139675 PH139674 PH139668 PH139880 PH140076 PH139892 PH138191 PH139853 PH139852 PH139854 PH139866 PH139878 PH139882 PH139883 PH139881 PH139884 PH139885 PH139886 PH139887 PH139865 PH139867 PH139868 PH139870 PH139869 PH139871 PH139872 PH139874 PH139873 PH139875 PH139876 PH139877
Independent. Unconventional. Living life without compromise. The products in the IKEA PS 2017 collection are the keys to freedom for a generation that lives by its own rules.
So who better to appreciate a folding sofa that can hang on a wall, or a pillow that becomes a quilt, or a self-watering pot that helps keep unattended plants alive for two weeks?
Come and LIVE IT with us!
Download press material (.PDF)Download all images for IKEA PS 2017 (
 PH139202 PH139214 PH139215 PH139216 PH139231 PH139232 PH139604 PH139217 PH139218 PH139605 PH139606 PH139609 PH139227 PH139607 PH139608 PH139610 PH139611 PH139612 PH139613 PH139614 PH139616 PH139619 PH139621 PH139622 PH139623 PH139203 PH139219 PH139247 PH139615 PH139624 PH139213 PH139220 PH139221 PH139222 PH139223 PH139228 PH139864 PH139204 PH139205 PH139206 PH139207 PH139208 PH139210 PH139229 PH139230 PH139239 PH139240 PH139241 PH139242 PH139243 PH139244 PH139245 PH139617 PH139618 PH139211 PH139212 PH139225 PH139226 PH139233 PH139234 PH139235 PH139236 PH139237 PH139238 PH139771 PH139730 PH139729 PH139728 PH139727 PH139726 PH139725 PH139715 PH139722 PH139716 PH139723 PH139720 PH139721 PH139718 PH139719 PH139717 PH139724 PH139742 PH139749 PH139748 PH139747 PH139746 PH139745 PH139744 PH139743 PH139741 PH139740 PH139739 PH139738 PH139737 PH139736 PH139735 PH139734
VINTER collection
IKEA has everything this holiday, all under one roof. Embracing the traditions, colours and warmth of the holidays. Ranging from decoration to lighting, textiles, dinnerware, cooking and eating. It’s the season to be merry. So just relax, and let IKEA help you make it the best one ever.
Sales start November 2016
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 PH138112 PH138114 PH138136 PH138115 PH138116 PH138162 PH138120 PH138111 PH138117 PH138118 PH138119 PH138121 PH138157 PH138158 PH138122 PH138123 PH138124 PH138170 PH138125 PH138126 PH138127 PH138128 PH138135 PH138137 PH138138 PH138140 PH138141 PH138159 PH138161 PH138130 PH138142 PH138143 PH138144 PH138145 PH138146 PH138131 PH138147 PH138148 PH138149 PH138150 PH138151 PH138152 PH138153 PH138133 PH138134 PH138154 PH138155 PH138156
Awarded a Red Dot Design Award in the category “Best of the Best” for its groundbreaking design, let us introduce SLADDA bicycle with accessories. The bike has a rust- and oil-free belt drive, automatic gears and a clever click-in system for accessories such as front and back racks, and a bike bag that can be transformed into a backpack. There is also a practical SLADDA trailer developed to solve heavy transportation needs, as well as helmets, a U-lock and pump. This is truly a complete system that supports living a sustainable and healthy life in the city.
Sales start October 2016
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 PH138221 PH138027 PH138028 PH138218 PH138058 PH138057 PH138059 PH138229 PH138274 PH138223 PH138224 PH138225 PH138226 PH138227 PH138236 PH138235 PH138237 PH138243 PH138251 PH138254 PH138249 PH138253 PH138256 PH138255 PH138258 PH138259 PH138261 PH138260 PH138263 PH138265 PH138267 PH138270 PH138273 PH136480 PH136524 PH136571 PH136563 PH136562 PH136541
A collection of cushion covers, bowls, plates, gift boxes and wrapping paper in light pink and grey.
FULLVIKTIG limited edition collection
In the mountains of northern Thailand, the social enterprise Doi Tung Development Project is working to provide livelihoods for thousands of rural artisans and to protect the local environment. The FULLVIKTIG collection was co-created by IKEA and artisans at the Doi Tung Development Project using traditional handicraft techniques and local raw materials. The collection includes hand-woven textiles, hand-formed and finished pottery and handmade paper products.
FULLVIKTIG is our fifth collection and is available at IKEA stores in Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Singapore and Malaysia.
Available from October 2016

Download press material (.pdf)Download all pictures (.zip)
xxxxx PH137680 PH137538 PH137535 PH137534 PH137533 PH137531 PH137532 PH137530 PH137529 PH137478 PH137479 PH137481 PH137528 PH140099 PH140075 “When Doi Tung started everything got better.” “We started this project is because we share the common interest of helping the people.” FULLVIKTIG - Handmade for social change IKEA - Traditional hand-formed ceramics IKEA - Traditional handmade paper IKEA - Traditional hand-woven textiles PH137681.jpg PH137685 PH137682 PH137683 PH137679 PH137684 PH137678 PH137609 PH137607 PH137551 PH137550 PH137549 PH137547 PH137544 PH137545 PH137543 PH137542 PH137546 PH137541 PH137540 PH137539 PH137536 PH137537
SÄLLSKAP limited edition collection
SÄLLSKAP is a celebration of the Scandinavian arts and crafts tradition and of the groundbreaking ideas that first acknowledged the greatness of homes with room for all. It’s a collection of furniture, textiles and kitchenware that brings inspiration from the past into the present in the best way we could think of – by moving things forward.
Sales start October 2016
Download press material (.PDF)Download all pictures (25,5MB .zip)
 PH137457 PH137885 PH137886 PH137887 PH137462 PH137890 PH137892 PH137463 PH137889 PH137464 PH137896 PH137902 PH137908 PH137879 PH137465 PH137888 PH137878 PH137905 PH137615 PH137614 PH137613 PH137630 PH137876 PH137877 PH137629 PH137623 PH137612 PH137624 PH137611 PH137610 PH137620 PH137621 PH137974 PH137976 PH137973 PH137975 PH137972 PH137979 PH137978 PH137977
New products - OCTOBER
For October we’re excited to bring you a range of new products to make the home a more beautiful, fun and comfortable place to be. This month, children can delight in a large and colourful collection and series that support unlimited play and storage. The rest of the home sees a range of textiles from rugs to metre fabrics. Another piece of news is a swivel chair that combines beauty with ergonomics. For cooking and eating, there are timeless cooking utensils and a dinnerware series with old folkloric patterns. We’re also launching a new range of organic coffees, and small packages of nut and fruit mixes for healthier snacking. Enjoy!
Sales start October 2016
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 PH138656 PH138607 PH138540 PH138539 PH138583 PH138547 PH138581 PH138584 PH138587 PH138570 PH138595 PH138596 PH138590 PH138591 PH138624 PH138623 PH138571 PH138618 PH138675 PH138576 PH138679 PH138680 PH138620 PH138621 PH138644 PH138672 PH138574 PH138673 PH138677 PH138625 PH138629 PH138643 PH138640 PH138645 PH138650 PH138653 PH138639 PH138638 PH138637 PH138634 PH138635 PH138628 PH138627 PH138573 PH138664 PH138651 PH138658 PH138660 PH138666 PH138669 PH138671 PH138667 PH138579 PH138655 PH138655 PH138662 PH139171 PH139168 PH139166 PH139165 PH138580 PH138684 PH139170 PH138686 PH138578 PH138683 PH138601 PH138566 PH138599 PH138602 PH138568 PH138687 PH138605 PH138611 PH138614 PH138613 PH138615 PH138606 PH138616
POÄNG 40 years of comfort and style
The iconic POÄNG armchair is turning 40 in 2016. The clean Scandinavian look. The springy, bentwood frame shaped for comfort and support. It’s one of our most beloved items. So to mark the anniversary, IKEA is adding a frame and six new covers to the series.
Come celebrate 40 years with us in September
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SVÄRTAN collection
With patterns inspired from urban landscapes, the SVÄRTAN collection invites us to explore a side of India that goes beyond the vivid colours usually associated with this striking country. Created in collaboration with Swedish textile designer Martin Bergström and Indian fashion students, SVÄRTAN consists of bed linen, textiles, paper items, rugs, bowls, glassware and metal objects. The result is a collection that offers both versatility and uniqueness to one’s home.
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