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YPPERLIG collection

The beauty of basics
This October we’re launching our latest collection, done with the Danish design company HAY. By combining materials, colours and production techniques, YPPERLIG is a collection of basics adapted to modern needs and wants that truly shows the greatness of collaboration.
Launching October 2017
“At IKEA, we are curious about the world. We believe in working with others because together we can accomplish so much more, offering better products and solutions to the many people”

- Marcus Engman, Head of Design at IKEA of Sweden.
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Meet Mette and Rolf HAY
Mette and Rolf Hay are the husband-and-wife duo behind the design company HAY. Founded in Copenhagen Denmark in 2002, HAY focuses on creating furniture with an eye for modern living using sophisticated industrial manufacturing. The couple draw inspiration from places such as architecture, fashion and art, resulting in pieces that have a straightforward, functional and aesthetic design.
“Rolf and I always describe HAY as being between architecture, fashion and art. Our furniture is very much linked to architecture and our accessories are very much linked to fashion.”

Mette Hay, co-founder of HAY
Sofa by day, spring mattress by night
The team wanted to create a sofa bed with truly great comfort as well as looks. They solved this by designing a sofa using a spring mattress as the seat. Sweet dreams indeed!
Everyone likes a good makeover
Mette Hay dreamt of giving the blue IKEA bag something new while still honoring the original. So without changing the size or material she worked with the colours and the weaving patterns, giving the bags a nice spash of HAY.
As slim as it gets
HAY designed a lamp that was extremely slim, which really challenged the way IKEA usually produces lamps. The result is a super slim LED-lamp with a built-in touch dimmer that lets you adjust the light with just the touch of your finger.
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Behind the scenes of the process of making of the YPPERLIG monobloc chair
“It’s fair to say that HAY and IKEA are two very different companies. But when we started talking to IKEA it became very clear that we shared many perspectives on design.”

Rolf Hay, co-founder of HAY
YPPERLIG collection - Launching October 2017