A bedroom with a panoramic sunrise/sunset view, featuring a double bed, a yellow bedside table and a grey armchair.
This year’s catalogue is full of ideas for making the most of your bedroom and bathroom. Because that’s where we begin and end every day. And if everyone can make the everyday begin and end in a nicer way, just imagine the effect on life!
The 2015 IKEA Catalogue is here!
The IKEA Catalogue 2015 cover
2015 IKEA Catalogue
The 2015 IKEA Catalogue is filled with exciting stories behind our products and new ideas that will make you love your mornings and evenings just a little bit more.

View the 2015 IKEA Catalogue online
Solutions beyond the printed pages
The IKEA Catalogue app makes all the new inspiration and products move out of the catalogue and into your home, literally. With the augmented reality feature you can see how more than 400 products in the IKEA Catalogue fit in your everyday life. So, just download the app to your device, use it to scan the catalogue pages and let the home furnishing magic begin.
What's in the app:
• augmented reality, place furniture in your room
• inspirational how-to films
• updates on new products throughout the year
• image galleries with additional photos
• stories around our products and designers
• 3D and interactive views
A mobile phone showing an IKEA logo
Download the IKEA Catalogue app
to your smartphone or tablet, scan the pages of the catalogue and get inspired!

App store
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Place in
your room
360 degree view
Place in your room
360° views
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See how furniture fits and looks in your room
1. Download the IKEA Catalogue app
via App store or Google play
2. Look for pages with this symbol
located on the top corner of pages with extra content
3. Scan to see more!
Open the app. Choose the scan button.
Hold your device 20-30 cm from the page.
scan symbol
Wake up on the right side of the bed everyday
Imagine a life where every morning is a bit calmer. Where it’s a little easier to think, relax, and get ready for the day. This is what happens when you get a really good nights sleep. Every night. And an easy start of the day. Everyday. That’s why for this year's catalogue we're focusing on the bedroom and bathroom, with ideas and inspiration to make the morning routine a little less rushed and the nights sleep a little better.
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2015 Wardrobes brochure
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2015 Kitchens brochure
2015 IKEA Kitchens brochureview online
2015 IKEA Business brochure
2015 IKEA Business brochureview online2015 Bathroom brochure
2015 Bathroom brochure
view online
2015 Bed & Bath
2015 Bed & Bathview PDF