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The Sustainable Living Project


Sustainable Living Project
What is the Sustainable Living Project?
We believe that even the smallest changes can create a big impact. There are many ways to live kinder and contribute a positive change to the environment and it starts from your home. We believe that everyone should be able to live a sustainable life at home without spending more, drastically changing the way they live, or compromising on style and quality.

That is why we have come up with the Sustainable Living Project - a movement that is designed to help you make small changes in your homes in order to save energy, conserve water, recycle & reduce waste, live healthier. We want to show you what we believe in, and how you can create this in your own home.

We are delighted to announce that 3 household participants have been selected out of hundreds of entries and they are :

  • Fatimah Yusro Hashim
  • Abdus Shakur A.B.Azman
  • Lee Wai Yi

Let's meet the families!
Sustainable stories
co-worker storiesSelected

Family 1: 5-bedroom bungalow

Meet Lee Wai Yi and her mother, Chew Yoke Kuan. These lively mother and daughter duo live in a landed bungalow in Petaling Jaya with 3 other family members; father, Lee Hong Jin; sister, Lee Lin Yi; and brother, Lee King Yi, along with their pet dogs. Wai Yi is eco-conscious and is taking steps to lead a more sustainable life. But she wishes to do more, while sharing the benefits and positive impact of good sustainable practices with her family.

Lee Wai Yi with her mother, Chew Yoke Kuan

“I’m excited to learn and optimise on IKEA sustainable solutions to reduce my family’s carbon footprint.”

Natural lighting shines in abundance across their home

Natural lighting shines in abundance across their home. But it also brings in heat and glare. They are keen to explore the right way of using curtains and blinds to regulate indoor temperature. Lower dependence on air conditioning, plus shifting to LED light would help to reduce their electricity bill. Great cost saving!

Food waste is a major concern

The Lee family enjoys good food, healthy meals and always opts for organic options. However, food waste is a major concern and they are looking into practical food saving and waste sorting solutions.

Outdoor Composting solution

The family loves gardening. They collect filtered water residue plus rainwater in big containers and use it to water the plants, wash their car and clean the pet area. Organic compost made from leftover fruits, peels and leaves are used for the plants. Healthy living is always on their mind, but they would like to explore other easy and practical ways to live green.

Family 2: 4-bedroom terrace house

Meet Fatimah Yusro Hashim, a nature lover who is passionate about environmental protection. She lives in Bangi with her loving husband and a charming little son, together with several fluffy rescued cats. Fatimah is excited to learn what sustainable living is all about. She hopes that by joining this project, the well-being of her family would be better managed.

Fatimah with her husband and son

"I’m really excited to see what sustainable living could do
for my family.”

Proper utilisation of water usage is a challenge since laundry activity is done daily

Proper utilisation of water usage is a challenge since laundry activity is done daily. IKEA solutions will help in reducing her laundry time and saving water.

Living a healthy life and reduce waste are her goals

Living a healthy life and reducing waste are her goals. She has been throwing out so much food, from spoiled vegetables and fruits to expired canned food. IKEA food saving solutions will keep food fresh, within easy view and reach and ready for consumption later on.

Recycling is very much encouraged in her household

Recycling is very much encouraged in her household, but Fatimah would sometimes end up hoarding a lot of unnecessary things. She needs IKEA waste sorting solutions to help in sorting out her waste.

Family 3: 3-bedroom terrace house

Meet Abdus Shakur Azman and his wife Dania Ridzwan. They live in a double storey house in Shah Alam with their two daughters; Senna, a 4 year-old pre-schooler and Aleyna, a 3 month-old baby. Both spouses believe in being economical and practical. Dania often does spring cleaning and donates rarely used clothes and items, while Shakur creatively upcycles wood plus other materials and turns them into functional products - he even hand-painted the mural in little Senna’s bedroom.

Abdus Shakur with his wife and 2 children

"We are keen to find simple and affordable solutions that can further enable our sustainability journey, educate and instill good habits in our children, while inspiring other families.”

The dining area is where the family eats, their laptops and entertains guests. Good lighting is much needed, especially LED work lamp and specific light sources to brighten up the house and relief eye strain.

Playing engages a child’s imagination and helps them learn. Senna loves her make-shift sundry shop recycled from cardboard. Her parents are also educating her on good sustainable habits that she can do on her own.

The family buys grocery twice a week and cooks almost daily, so they need food storage and food saving solutions. Wet waste and dry recyclables are separated, but practical recycling/waste sorting solution is necessary.

Reduce energy
Today’s homes have a lot of modern techniques and technologies that use up energy. The consumption can be reduced, and money can be saved, by using energy-efficient products and sustainable home furnishing solutions.
Some food can be cooked in one pot at the same time using inserts. This reduces energy-use while cooking.
LED lighting reduces energy-use by up to 85% compared to incandescent bulbs.
Textiles can be used to make the indoor climate more comfortable, either warmer or cooler, and thereby reducing energy use.
Hanging laundry and airing semi-clean clothes and textiles instead using the washer and dryer reduces energy-use.
Energy saving | Waste & recycling | Water saving | Healthy living
Reduce waste and recycle
Reducing waste and recycling is something everybody can do – from small homes to big businesses. It’s a matter of changing our mind-set from “waste” to “resource”. The simplest way to reduce waste, and save money, is to only use what we need.
Waste needs to be sorted so that it can be recycled or re-used.
Waste is minimised when furniture is repaired or given new life.
Textiles can be recycled to serve new purposes.
Food containers with lids keep food freshness and nutritional content longer and help to reduce food waste.
Reduce water use
Out of all the water on Earth, less than three percent is fresh (non-saline) water. Everyone can contribute to conserving this precious, shared resource by being more conscious about their habits at home.
Doing dishes under a running tap wastes a lot of water. This can be reduced by using a bowl or sink with water.
A filled dishwasher is more water-efficient than washing dishes by hand.
All IKEA taps are equipped with a water-saving device and many also have a cold-start function to reduce unnecessary use of hot water.
Cold water that is caught before it heats up in the shower can be used for household chores like watering plants.
Live a healthier life
Living a sustainable life starts with our own health. This could be about having access to clean drinking water and breathing clean air and also about knowing what we eat. A healthier life could also be about integrating more movement into everyday activities.
Standing stimulates the circulation and reduces potentially harmful effects from sitting too long.
Growing your own herbs and vegetables, supports a more conscious and healthier life at home that children can learn from.
Play and movement promotes a good night’s sleep and increases resistance to illness.
Biking is a healthy and environmentally-friendly choice
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Co-worker stories - Azirum

Meet Azirum, our Learning and Development Manager at IKEA Cheras. He lives with his wife and three young children in a rented three-bedroom apartment in Kota Damansara, Kuala Lumpur. The family will be moving to their own house next year.

Azirum, IKEA coworker, with his family

“Staying in a rented place means I’m investing in products that are easy to assemble and don’t require permanent fixture. IKEA storage solutions keep the house organised and save us a lot of space!”

Azirum is sorting garbage with his daughter

“Living with two children and a baby means we generate a lot of waste! Before taking on this project, the garbage bin in our place was full everyday. With SORTERA recycling bins, we separated used diapers and food waste from recyclables and reduced waste by 50%.”

We keep leftovers in the fridge and use FÖRTROLIG  food containers to keep them fresh

“We home cook food for our kids because the school canteen tends to be expensive. We keep leftovers in the fridge and use FÖRTROLIG food containers to keep them fresh. We find we save money and waste less food.”

HOPPVALS cellular blind helps block the street lights at night and blocks daytime heat.

“I like to sleep in total darkness.HOPPVALS cellular blind helps block the street lights at night and blocks daytime heat while letting some sunlight into the room. It’s more comfortable. Now my kids play in here too!’’

Co-worker stories - Zulilena

Meet Wan Zulilena. She has been working part time as a Customer Service Greeter and in Småland at IKEA Cheras since 2005. She lives in a condominium with her husband, who is mostly away because of his job, a daughter and two cats. When the government implemented a regulation for waste separation in Negeri Selangor, she found our Sustainability Living Project to be the perfect opportunity to start recycling.

Zulilena, IKEA coworker, with her daughter

“The habit of recycling has made me more conscious of how much I was consuming before. Now every time I want to buy something I stop to think if it is something I really need”

She is sorting garbage

"We used to have many garbage bins around the house. With SORTERA recycling bins we decided to station our waste in one place. As a result we are more aware of the amount of waste we generate and therefore we purchase less. This habit helps us save money in the end."

She loves eating and sharing home-cooked food with co-workers, friends and family.

"I do not enjoy cooking but love eating and sharing home-cooked food with co-workers, friends and family. I can cook one big batch of Laksa Johor and keep it for two to even six months in the freezer in FÖRTROLIG food containers. Sometimes I make sambal and keep it in a KORKEN jar. At any given time, I can bring them to a pot luck lunch in the office."

She replaces all the lightbulbs to LED bulbs

"LED lights are an investment; they may be more expensive to purchase but they last longer and save money in the long run. My electrical bills have reduced by 30% since changing all the 30 lightbulbs in my house. They are easy to replace. I can do myself even when my husband is not at home."

Installing solar panels on an IKEA store
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