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LACK table arrives
This low-priced, functional coffee table is made with a technique that is normally used for interior doors, making the table very strong and light. This sandwich technique is called board-on-frame and will be used in many IKEA products in years to come.


IKEA arrives in France
The first IKEA store opens in Paris.


LACK range is extended
To complement the LACK table, LACK shelves are designed.
IKEA Group is formed
The IKEA Group is formed and its owner is a foundation, the Stitchting INGKA Foundation, which is based in the Netherlands. To read more, please visit About the IKEA Group.


IKEA FAMILY is launched
IKEA FAMILY, the new customer club, is launched. Today, IKEA FAMILY is in 16 countries (over 167 stores) and has about 15 million members.
IKEA arrives in Belgium
The first IKEA store opens in Brussels.
STOCKHOLM range of furnishings appears
IKEA designs a series of high-quality furnishings using some well-loved materials - birch wood, leather and cretonne. The range has everything you would expect of high-quality classics, except the high price tag. STOCKHOLM is a winner of the Excellent Swedish Design award.
IKEA catalogue numbers increase
The IKEA catalogue print run expands to 45 million copies, in nine languages.


IKEA arrives in the USA
The first IKEA store opens in Philadelphia.

Our co-workers
IKEA now has 10,000 co-workers and 60 stores in the IKEA Group. For up-to-date information on our figures, please visit IKEA Group stores.
MOMENT sofa is designed by Niels Gammelgaard
When IKEA looks for a suitable manufacturer, visits to a supermarket-trolley factory prove successful in utilising knowledge of strength and stability. IKEA takes this as a starting point to create a stylish, comfortable and low-priced sofa with a modern look. The matching table, designed in 1987, wins the Excellent Swedish Design award - something few supermarket trolleys can boast of.


New president and CEO
Ingvar Kamprad retires from Group Management to become an advisor to the parent company INGKA Holding B.V. Anders Moberg becomes President and CEO of the IKEA Group.


IKEA arrives in the UK
The first IKEA store opens in Manchester.


IKEA arrives in Italy
The first IKEA store opens in Milan.


If you like IKEA, you will love IKEA FAMILY.

Products and Materials

IKEA home furnishing products must be safe, from both a health and environment perspective.

The IKEA Group Stores

Total number of stores, store openings and more.