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IWAY, Our Code of Conduct

IWAY, Our code of conduct

IWAY is the IKEA code of conduct, first introduced in 2000. It specifies the requirements that we place on suppliers of products and services and details what they can expect in return from IKEA. In addition to the main document, there are several industry-specific supplements and a special code of conduct for child labour. IKEA suppliers are responsible for communicating the content of the IKEA code of conduct to their employees and sub-suppliers.

IWAY guides our work

The IKEA Way on Purchasing Products, Materials and Services, (IWAY), is based on international conventions and declarations. It includes provisions based on the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948), the International Labour Organisation Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work (1998), and the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development (1992).
It covers working conditions, the prevention of child labour, the environment, responsible forestry management and more.
Suppliers are responsible for communicating the content of the IKEA code of conduct to co-workers and sub-suppliers and ensuring that all required measures are implemented at their own operations.

No place for corruption

IKEA works proactively to prevent corruption and illegal activities and disassociates itself from corruption in any form, whether direct or indirect. We have a corruption policy, Rules of Prevention of Corruption, and an investigation policy that clearly states what co-workers should do if they suspect corruption, fraud or other illegal behaviour. Our position is clarified in a vendor letter which must be signed by our suppliers and an IKEA representative.