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Local Initiatives towards a more sustainable future

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Kids club: Encouraging waste recycling

By earning points for bringing newspapers or old books/magazines to the store to be recycled the kids are encouraged to start sorting at home. Each 10 kilograms are equivalent to 1 point. For every 12 points they collect, they receive a gift from our Children IKEA range. This way they are happy and they are helping protect the environment from waste. Small things matter.

Ask our SMÅLAND co-workers to learn more about the kids club membership in your next visit to your IKEA store.
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Sustainability activities every week:

Every Tuesday and Wednesday SMÅLAND transforms into an educational space to educate the little ones about sustainability related topics. In a joyful and playful way we teach the kids environmentally friendly behaviors to adopt. Through games they will learn how to recycle at home, through art crafts how to upcycle to create toys, and through songs we anchor eco-friendly behavior in their little minds.

Ask our SMALAND co-workers to learn more about the ongoing weekly activities in your next visit to your IKEA store.
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Reducing waste at source: Some things are worth a second chance
Our store is equipped with a repackaging machine and a spare part library to allow us to give a second life to products (returned products or samples). You can find these products in the AS-IS department at advantageous reduced prices.
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Recycling our waste to reduce our impact on the environment:
A large volume of our waste comes from packaging, this is why we design our packaging in the most minimal and efficient way without compromising the integrity of the packaged product. We also ensure the packaging we use is easily recyclable.

In IKEA Kuwait store we have designed a Recycling Area to deal with our operations waste. We have equipped it with compacting machines, to handle our waste more efficiently, increase our recycling options, and reduce the CO2 emissions generated by the number of trips needed to transport the materials to the recycling companies.
Get started on a recycling station
Try a separate bin for each of your recyclables, with bigger ones for higher use items (like maybe plastic or paper) and smaller ones for less common. A picture of what should go inside makes them easy to sort.
We care for resources:
Energy efficiency:
• 100% LED Lighting: IKEA Kuwait showroom and market hall have been fully equipped with LED bulbs (Light Emitting Diodes). LED helps us consume less energy and reduce our impact on the environment.
• 1 LED light consumes 85% less energy than a normal bulb and lasts 20 times longer.
Water saving:
Water is a very valuable resource that is becoming scarce in the world. It’s our responsibility towards the future generations to look for ways to minimize the amount of water we use.
In IKEA Kuwait we took this into consideration and use water saving taps to bring down our water consumption.
Discover our LED rangeClick here for water saving solutions for your home
 A modern chandelier with steel tubes with LEDs that creates exciting lighting effects and looks like the path of fireflies flying in the air.
We’ve gone all in with LED lighting