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Meet some of our 123,000 closest friends.


“It was a small beginning”


“Money is not what I strives for, I values the trust”


“Your heart and your mind are needed at work, likewise in everything you do. Work like the store is YOURS because it is YOURS, here are your career and your living. Be determined to reach your goals, because we are”


“Working with IKEA is always challenging and interesting owing to the fact that efforts are being recognized without which the above could not have been possible.”


“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”


“The key to his success is teamwork and constant follow up on every issue to ensure customer satisfaction.”

Ali Soltan Zadeh, Kuwait


“IKEA gave me a chance to learn and grow.”


“Commitment is my most valued principle and following this will lead to a success to our Store.”


“IKEA offers various opportunities for its co-workers and it depends on us the take advantage of it. Success comes out of hard work and commitment in what you believe in.”



The year the 100th co-worker joined IKEA. Now we number 123,000 worldwide.


Number of languages you can get the IKEA catalogue. The catalogue is designed by Marketing and communications co-workers.