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Build storage that works for your space
Save space with PLATSA, a flexible, easy-to-build storage system with sections and fittings that can be combined in different ways.
Optimise your space with the modular PLATSA storage system – flexible, light-weight and using wedge dowels that lets it be assembled and disassembled easily. Build a solution that suits your space and clothes!
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Tricky spaces? Build your own storage solution with PLATSA, a flexible, modular storage system with lots of possibilities.
HJÄRTELIG limited edition collection


INDUSTRIELL collection

One of the two types of benches available in the INDUSTRIELL collection comes with a backrest.
Perfectly imperfect
Created together with Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek, the INDUSTRIELL collection is our way of turning mass-produced uniformity into products that have a beautifully imperfect handmade quality.
The rough, unrefined wood of chairs, benches and tables from this collection will add a touch of natural, organic beauty to any dining area.
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A beloved IKEA icon, adapted for kids
STRANDMON, a classic armchair for children, has been adapted for the safety and ergonomics of small bodies.
Let children feel big in the small STRANDMON children’s armchair — the beloved IKEA icon has been shrunk down and adapted for the safety and ergonomics of small bodies.
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STRANDMON is a children’s armchair for both reading and playing, adapted for the safety and ergonomics of small bodies.
For naturally flexible living
GRÖNLID is a sectional sofa that can be built into almost any size and shape, with many covers to choose from.
Feel embraced by the generous GRÖNLID sectional sofa that can be built to the size and shape you want – available in a variety of covers.
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KUNGSHAMN comes with a ten-year guarantee – like all other IKEA sofas.Removable and washable cover.Choice of cover.Can be customised to suit your needs.
Can be customised to suit your needs
Removable and washable cover
Choice of cover
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All the pieces in place
Racing through your day, those precious pauses can be hard to fit into your schedule. Luckily, there’s KUNGSHAMN. Thanks to its outstanding flexibility, limited space – and time – is no problem. Small and lightweight, all modules can be used free-standing or together. Build big or small, straight or with a corner. Mix, combine and rearrange at will. And above all, make room for that moment to relax. Right in the middle of your everyday life.
Customise your own KUNGSHAMN with our planner
Create your own nook with DELAKTIG
Finally, you can have an IKEA product that no one else has! Combine the DELAKTIG 3-seat platform and the backrest with cushion, add the black LED floor lamp and side table. The DELAKTIG aluminium sofa series can be personalised to suit your style.
Create many different styles and configurations with DELAKTIG. Designed by IKEA and Tom Dixon, it’s your turn to make it your own.