VIKTIGT collection

Display of a collection in bamboo and rattan. Consisting of sofas, easy chairs, rugs, baskets and pendant lamps.
Naked essentials
Created in collaboration with Swedish glass and ceramic designer Ingegerd Råman, this discreet collection ranges from handmade glassware to furniture woven from natural fibres. With love of craftsmanship and simplicity at the heart of it all, VIKTIGT pieces do their job in silence.
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Display of glassware consisting of a carafe with glass, jug and bowls.A round dish made of woven bamboo.Black serving plates stacked in the shape of a pyramid.
Stripped down to their bare essentials, these handmade pieces turn the ordinary into the exceptional. Beautiful on their own as they work beautifully in your everyday life.
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Meet Ingegerd Råman
A photo of Ingegerd Råman, designer of the VIKTIGT collection.
This collection is about craft
“It’s a project between the craftsmen and the designer. It has lots of energy. And looking at the objects now - the things we did - for me, it represents love.”
Ingegerd Råman
Swedish designer
Available from May 2016