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Close-up of a three-seat sofa with an orange velvet cover and lots of cushions.
Available from April 2017
Close-up of a rattan armchair with seat and back cushions in dark grey cotton, in the background a rattan coffee table with a stainless steel table lamp.
The new STOCKHOLM 2017 collection is soon here
In April 2017, the new STOCKHOLM 2017 finally launches. A carefully curated collection, designed to mix and blend in with what you already have at home and made from natural and tactile materials such as rattan, hand-blown glass and ash. Scandinavian modernity of the highest quality in form, function and materials. Made to use and enjoy, every day.
A boy sitting on the floor playing with cars in front of a rattan cabinet with the doors open.Close-up of a two-seat sofa with a dark blue velvet cover and lots of cushions, shown together with a pouffe in the same cover.
Slowly, perfectly
The world seems to be moving fast: we travel, communicate, shop, socialise, work, consume, cook and eat at a faster pace than ever before.
The new STOCKHOLM 2017 collection brings forward and celebrates the opposite of this fast-paced world — the quality and values that come out of both making things slower and living more slowly.
Children jumping on a two-seat sofa with a dark blue velvet cover and lots of cushions.Close-up of handmade vases and carafes in different shapes and sizes, all made of blue glass.
Serious family comfort for generations
Look at the new STOCKHOLM 2017 sofa: it’s big and generous, deep and lined with lots of cushions. Actually, it’s less of a sofa and more of a nest for the whole family. This is a collection that takes comfort seriously.
Handmade for the many
Through the new STOCKHOLM 2017 collection runs that handmade, personal touch. In Sweden, hand-blown glass — the traditional way of crafting glass — is part of our heritage, and in the collection we’re proud to have a selection of carafes, bowls and serving plates.
“I hope that my patterns can help to create the same harmony in a home that closeness to nature gives.”
Follow designer Hanna Dalrot in the countryside of her childhood, as she talks about her work with the collection.
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The glassware
Join designer Gunnel Sahlin in her studio and hear her thoughts on the glass pieces she made for the collection.
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Meet designer Nike Karlsson in his home in Gotland and hear about how the rattan pieces in the collection were developed.
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The sofa
Designer Ola Wihlborg invites us to his Älmhult home and talks about his views on comfort and the making of the STOCKHOLM 2017 sofa.
 A woman walking through a green field. A text that says “49% would like to spend more time outside, in nature.”Close-up of a two-seat sofa with a dark blue velvet cover. A text that says “54% feel that a harmonic, homely house makes it easier to relax.”A thick forest. A text that says “34% would like to live more sustainably.”A woman with long dark hair, seen from behind. A text that says “48% care about balance of the soul and wellbeing.”A hand holding a rattan armchair. A text that says “41% want to know where the goods they buy are manufactured.”A hand holding a cloth and an orange glass ball. A text that says “34% think handmade products are higher-quality.”
What people care about
Working on the STOCKHOLM 2017 collection triggered our curiosity: how do people think and feel about time, wellbeing and the other topics that inspired the collection? We decided to find out and asked people in a global survey. More than 10 000 people in Sweden, Italy, Germany, China and the U.S. participated and answered questions about their everyday life and dreams.
Source: Survey conducted in November 2016.
A two-seat sofa with a dark blue velvet cover and lots of cushions, shown together with a pouffe in the same cover and two rattan armchairs.
Available from April 2017