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Thank you for 75 years together
Seventy-five years have passed since Ingvar Kamprad founded IKEA by his uncle’s kitchen table. It’s time to celebrate! But this birthday is not just about us. It’s about you, too. Because without you we wouldn’t be the same dream team. Together we’ve made home a better place. And here’s the thing - we’re up for another 75 if you are too. What do you say?
To the ones who’ve welcomed us home.
Thank you for 75 years of sharing and inspiring.
Thank you for welcoming us home and doing your part. Celebrate 75 years with us at IKEA.
ikea 75 exclusive offers
Exclusive offers for you!
What would a birthday be without birthday presents?
In the spirit of 75 years, we’ve selected an array of
exclusive offers for you.
Discount reaches up to 75% OFF on selected items!
Psst! Hurry, stocks are limited.
Stay tuned for our daily surprises
Golden trolley. Shop and winWeekly competition. Visit the store and find out moreMega draw. Visit the store and win a super prize
ikea 75 welcome celebrations
You're invited to the celebrations
Let’s kick off the celebration with more than 2,000 offers at your IKEA store.
There’ll be something for everyone: draws, competitions, children activities and much more.
Find out more in our brochure.
Come and meet us, look into the past – as well as the future - in the IKEA 75 exhibition, at our museum in Sweden.
Want to learn more about the history of IKEA®?
It’s now 75 years since we started creating a better everyday life for the many people. Learn about IKEA and the defining moments in the IKEA 75 exhibition at IKEA Museum or in the first IKEA store in Älmhult, Sweden, which today hosts IKEA Museum. Come and meet us, look into the past – as well as the future!