A display of playful and colourful products, such as boxes, cushions, fabrics and tableware.
GLÖDANDE limited edition collection
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IKEA in collaboration with
Walter Van Beirendonck
Imagine a universe of creatures whose only dream is to make the world a better place. This is GLÖDANDE, a limited edition collection developed in collaboration with fashion designer Walter Van Beirendonck. His energetic and quirky imagination spreads across the collection like magic dust, mixing colour, patterns and prints in unpredictable ways.
The collection consists of pre-cut fabrics, stationery, shopping bags, rugs, porcelain and pillows, which are all part of the world of the “Wondermooi”. Just another example of how fun it is to furnish with fashion!
A lot of parcels in different sizes wrapped in colourful paper.
The world of
Walter Van Beirendonck
Based in Antwerp, Belgium, Walter Van Beirendonck has spent the past 35 years breaking boundaries in fashion and design. Van Beirendonck’s approach to research, storytelling and bright colours weaves its way through GLÖDANDE, giving each item a life of their own.
“Every collection is starting with research and the things I like to see together. When I started with the IKEA project, I wanted to handle it almost like a fashion collection. I really wanted to gather a lot of inspirations, think about stories, think about ideas which could evolve into other things. I wanted to tell a story.”
Walter Van Beirendonck
A display of pre-cut fabrics with fun and playful patterns.A rug in the shape of a tiger.Several boxes with fun and colourful patterns, stacked on top of each other.A pile of cushions with cushion covers in fun and colourful patterns.
The WONDERMOOI are the children of the clouds, who have made their home there for centuries. They are beautiful, weird creatures living together in harmony. A fantastic mix of shapes, colors, fur, feathers and skin.
One day, they discover a strange hole has appeared in one of their clouds. The next day, another hole appears, and many more after that. KWADE TIJGER, SPIEGEL, VLIEGMACHIEN, 1000G and ROOD are shocked.
What is going on? Above them, they hear sobbing. And underneath them, there is a storm. There’s thunder and lightning, and rain, rain, rain.
Curious VLIEGMACHIEN decides to fly high above the clouds to visit SUN and MOON to see if he can find out what’s wrong.
SUN and MOON are sad and are crying big gold and silver tears. “Why are you sad?” asks VLIEGMACHIEN.
“Because there are wars and agression on our beautiful Earth,” reply SUN and MOON.
SUN and MOON cry two more huge gold and silver tears, making more holes in the clouds and causing storms and floods to happen on Earth.
ROOD sends this magical dust hidden in misty clouds towards the Earth, knowing that this will make people happy, stopping war and agression. A sneezing storm starts to roll over the world.
The WONDERMOOI try to figure out a solution so that happiness returns both over and under the clouds.
ROOD has an idea. Magical cloud dust! Magical cloud dust is that what the WONDERMOOI use to make things beautiful.
SUN and MOON are happy, because the world will soon be beautiful again.
So, every time you sneeze, it could be magical cloud dust from WONDERMOOI that tickles your nose.