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Artist Per B Sundberg working from the factory floor on the terracota FÖREMÅL plant pot. This unique skull pot makes a fun and surprising artistic gift.


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Designer. Artist. Maverick.
Per B Sundberg is one of Sweden’s most acclaimed glass and ceramic artists who operates in the borderland between art and design. IKEA invited him into an explorative process and the result is the FÖREMÅL collection.
“IKEA is tapping into the mind of Swedish artist Per B Sundberg, expanding our horizons and opening us up to a kaleidoscope of new patterns.” Nike Karlsson, Creative Leader for FÖREMÅL
This cotton velvet FÖREMÅL brown cushion with gold piping has a unique pattern created from digitally scanned porcelain figurines.This cast aluminum FÖREMÅL dog candlestick lays on its side. It has designer Per B Sundberg’s signature on it and makes a great gift idea.Per-Bertil Sundberg’s FÖREMÅL box with lid has a colourful pattern that comes from his porcelain bird figurines.
Artist and designer Per B Sundberg taking a closer look at the FÖREMÅL terracotta plant pot skull with a crown. Paired with a plant, it’s like there’s life coming out of the skull.
“It’s always fun to work with opposites. The boundary between pretty and ugly, that’s where I am. That’s where I want to be with FÖREMÅL.”
Per B Sundberg
This shiny polished aluminium FÖREMÅL tray with a reflecting candle is perfect for a midnight snack or just having a nice cup of afternoon tea.Designer Per B Sundberg created a unique black FÖREMÅL vase as part of his limited-edition collection. It is made with white hands that symbolises a gift.This decorative and colourful FÖREMÅL low pile rug is made with digitally of scanned ceramic figurine birds.
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From the mind of
Per B Sundberg
Go with your gut feeling, just like Per B Sundberg does, and create a world of rare artistic pieces. From cushions and candle holders, to trays and terracotta pots... what unites the FÖREMÅL collection is that each piece is so different!
Video: Take a look inside FÖREMÅL, a world of rare artistic objects!
Artist and designer Per B Sundberg admires his FÖREMÅL terracotta plant pot skull with a crown. The skull is perfect for flowers or a decorative plant.
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