A photo studio with different posters hanging on the wall.
This April IKEA presents Art Photography – a limited edition collection of 11 posters by 11 contemporary artists from around the world. For a few spring weeks IKEA turns into the world’s largest public gallery making it possible for everyone to invest in great art – at an equally great price.
Welcome to IKEA Art Photography!
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A picture of the French photographer Mathieu César with one of his posters.
“IKEA Art Event is about making great art accessible to everyone. We want to make it possible to create a home with art as a natural part – and we want the art pieces to be unique as well as affordable”
Henrik Most
Creative Leader at Ikea of Sweden.

Meet the artists
A picture of the British photographer Mandy Barker with one of her posters.
Mandy Barker is a photographer on a mission. With her equally beautiful and disturbing images she tells the story of a marine environment that’s literally drowning in plastic debris:
“I don’t want to raise guilt but I hope to create an awareness.”
For the IKEA piece Mandy used debris from six oceans and six different continents around the world, displayed in different layers on a black background.
“It gives the impression of a universe, an almost hidden world under the sea, using the accumulation of plastic debris you find there.”
Born in Hull, UK, in 1964
Lives in Leeds, UK
Mandy Barker
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A poster with a colourful motif on a black background.

Mathieu César
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A poster with a black and white motif.
A picture of the French photographer Mathieu César with one of his posters.
Mathieu César is known as the man who’s redefined the alluring celebrity portrait. Since he started out, countless actors, musicians and models have been immortalized in his typical stark black and white style.
“The black and white photo has a timeless quality that I love.”
The piece Mathieu brings to IKEA Art Photography is all about contrast. Although it’s one of the first pictures he ever made, he still loves this particular piece:
“It represents my whole universe and the person I am really well.”
Born in Suresnes, France, in 1987
Lives in Paris, France

Bobby Doherty
A picture of the American photographer Bobby Doherty with one of his posters.
Bobby Doherty spends hours and hours browsing markets for everyday objects that he can transform into the main attractions in his powerfully stylized, kind of surreal, images.
“When I find an object interesting I start thinking about where it might work for me and what sort of tension I can create.”
That’s also the story behind the piece he brings to IKEA Art Photography:
“I found this bread and was kind of taken aback. I just thought it looked really uncanny and I wanted to play at that. I like trying to make things look just short of unrealistic.”
Born in Brewster, NY, USA, in 1989
Lives in New York City, USA
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A poster with a bread motif.

Nathalia Edenmont
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A poster with a colourful motif.
A picture of the Ukrainian photographer Nathalia Edenmont with one of her posters.
Nathalia Edenmont is the happiest when she’s dressing up a model in 90 boxes of grapes or gluing thousands of butterfly wings to a piece of cardboard.
“That’s when I feel truly alive. I like things to be difficult. If it’s too easy I lose my drive.”
It took her almost eight months to finish her collage Force of Nature, now a part of IKEA Art Photography. Eight months of placing butterfly wings in the exact right spot before photographing the result with her large format camera.
“Many of the butterflies have been hidden away in boxes for half a century. This way they get to live again, forever.”
Born in 1970 in Yalta, Ukraine
Lives in Stockholm, Sweden

Jill Greenberg
A picture of the Canadian photographer Jill Greenberg with one of her posters.
By taking pictures while she paints on a small glass painter’s palette, Jill Greenberg has brought photography and painting together in an all-new way. She works under the skylights of her studio – the sky above and the architectural structure of the windows are reflected in the wet paint. When she takes pictures, which she does after nearly every brushstroke or added drop of water, the magic happens.
“I’m painting with light, really. In that sense each piece from the Paintings collection is time-based. It wouldn’t look like this at any other moment.”
Born in Montreal, Canada, in 1967
Lives in New York City, USA
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A poster with a colourful motif.

Tanya Long
A picture of the American photographer Tanya Long with one of her posters.
Tanya Long doesn’t call herself a photographer, rather an artist working with photography. She’s interested in reducing photography to its essence: light and time.
“How much can you remove and still call it a photograph? I don’t use a camera or negatives. I work in a colour darkroom, without safety light.”
Her art triggers all kinds of reactions.
”I’m addressing the standards, breaking all the rules.”
Tanya’s piece for IKEA Art Photography is from a work called And Blue and was made by rolling photo paper into cone shapes and exposing them multiple times to different coloured light.
Born in New York, USA. in 1981
Lives in Eindhoven, NL
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A poster with a colourful motif.