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IKEA Bistro
After checkout and before the journey home, the whole family can grab a drink or a bite to eat at the IKEA Bistro. Treat the little ones to an ice cream for their good behaviour and top up your energy levels after a successful shop. At the IKEA Bistro honest, tasty food is unbeatable value.
Refuel before you head home
Hot Snacks
Bistro at IKEApotato wedgeschicken shawarma
Chicken shawarma
KD 0.350
tortilla shawarmahot dog
Tortilla chicken shawarma
KD 0.700
bti image
Hot dog
KD 0.500
Potato wedges
KD 0.400
Bistro at IKEAchicken shawarma
Chicken burger
KD 0.550
Breakfast tortilla
KD 0.500
chicken shawarma
Desserts & Beverages
Bistro at IKEAfrozen yogurt
Frozen yogurt
KD 0.500
tortilla shawarma
Ice cream
KD 0.250
coffeesoft drink
KD 0.450
Soft drink
KD 0.350