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Parcel Service

Starting from 5,000

Step by Step Parcel Service

  • Step1

    Purchase products you want at the store

  • Step2

    Move to the wrapping counter

  • Step3

    Pack your purchased items

  • Step6

    Get products at home

  • Step5

    Pay the fee

  • Step4

    Give a box to a staff at the counter

Points to note when using the service

  • Please enquire at Home delivery desks located on 1st floor.
  • Please use the delivery service for bulky items such as furniture because courier service is possible only under the specified box size. (Flat pack item can also be delivered on the same conditions, if the sum of the three sizes (height, width & depth) is less than 160 cm and total weight is less than 25kg. The longest side should be less than 1m.)
  • You can't deliver fragile items (e.g. mirrors, tableware, pots, vase), plants and food.
  • IKEA’s Home Delivery Service is available nationwide, except other locations outside of our service areas.
  • * Please refer to the relevant terms and conditions for details.

IKEA Parcel delivery Service Terms and Conditions

Thank you for utilizing our Parcel delivery service. Please carefully read to understand our services terms and conditions. There may be circumstances that require further payment by you if the conditions below are not met.

  • The Transport Company has been contracted by IKEA to perform the delivery service.
  • Fragile and perishable products such as plants, mirrors, glassware, ceramics, food contact breakables, etc. are not eligible for delivery.
  • Please consider the size, weight and material of your items that you wish to transport through the parcel service and are packed with due concern. They must be packed in an appropriate way that will ensure the items remain undamaged throughout the delivery process. If we deem your items to be packed in an unsuitable way, we will ask you to repack your items. Oversized articles and inappropriately packed boxes will not be able to use the parcel delivery service.
  • Parcel delivery box only can contain IKEA product.
  • Once parcel order has been confirmed and paid, there is strictly no cancelation of order and no refund can be granted for this service.
  • In case of natural disasters, IKEA cannot be held responsible for any losses such as damage to products or property. IKEA will reschedule the delivery with the customer.
  • IKEA is not liable for any damaged goods handled through the parcel delivery service.
  • IKEA will follow standard terms and conditions of parcel delivery service given from Fair Trade committee regarding parcel delivery policy.
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