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IKEA news and collections

In February, IKEA launches a variety of products with a playful, joyful mood full of colourful, bold and graphic patterns that go from retro floral to two-tone, asymmetrical like this high pile rug with an abstract staircase design.
February 2019
New products - February
This February is about boosting the energy in your everyday life. We’re celebrating diversity and finding new ways of coordinating. With a big chunk of humour, the launch combines joyful colours with bold and graphic patterns inspired from 1960s.
Sales start February 2019
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This year’s IKEA Winter collection has never been more prepared to prepare you for that cosy holiday season we call the winter.
Winter collection
This year’s Winter collection has never been more prepared to prepare you for that intense, relaxing, social, solitary, cold, warm period we call the winter. Adorn your entire home in festive decor and invite everyone over—or simply light a tea candle and escape alone. More than anything, being ready for winter is a state of mind.
Sales start October 2018
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LUSTIGT is all about play for the sake of playing, children and adults alike. It’s a collection with something for all; colouring sheets, a puzzle, a skipping rope, a weaving loom, boules with soft balls and much more. Let’s get absorbed in fun and games and lose ourselves in play.
Limited edition collection – launching October 2018
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Smiling girl with red hair covering two SJÄLVSTÄNDIG trays.
Add a touch of retro to your home with GRATULERA, the vintage collection celebrating seventy-five years of IKEA design.
Meet GRATULERA, the limited edition vintage collection celebrating 75 years of IKEA design. Do you remember the first KLIPPAN sofa, or what about the colourfully red BJURÅN chair? It’s time to go retro with hand-selected favourites from the 50-60’s, 70-80’s and the 90-00’s. Launching at three different dates, the GRATULERA editions bring back some of your (and our) fondest memories of IKEA.
Release August, October and December 2018
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