Charge where you are

A home office with a work lamp with wireless charging standing on a desk.
wireless charging
With smartphones being such a natural part of our lives,
we want the charging part to become a natural part of our homes. As a result, we’ve created a collection of wireless chargers that make charging a lot more available, yet a lot less obvious (goodbye messy cables!).
How they work? Just place your phone on the nifty little plus sign. That’s it.
A display of lamps and bedside tables with wireless charging.
Chargers hiding in
plain sight
We wanted to make charging a natural part of your home, so we chose side tables and lamps and turned them into wireless chargers. So now you can have a mobile charger that also helps you read the Sunday crossword.
A display of wireless charging pads and cable management boxes.
Chargers that simply blend in
We also created a range of charging pads. With their clean and simple design, they can be used just about anywhere in the home, whether it’s on a windowsill in the living room, on a drawer in the bedroom, or on the kitchen worktop.
A close-up of a wireless charger.
... and chargers made to suit your home
And since we love to encourage creativity, we also created a wireless charger that can be built into furniture, letting you create a one-of-a-kind mobile charger.