Taking Care of the Most Important People in the World!

The most important people in the world deserve furnishings made just for them. You’ll find plenty of colorful, playful products for kids’ rooms and the family living spaces. And of course, lots and lots of TOYS! IKEA GwangMyung offers a wide array of family friendly services to make your shopping experience more complete. You will find:

The Magical Forest of Småland!

Children who are between the heights of 95-135cm and fully potty-trained are welcome to spend up to an hour in Småland, IKEA's FREE, supervised children's play area. It's a great time with a ball-pit, movie theater and lots of fun to be had.

Fee and time 60 minutes, free of charge.
Who can play at Småland? ● Must be between 95cm and 135cm of the heights.
● Must be potty trained (No training pants or pull-ups).
● Must understand the promises of Småland to play happily and safely.
When is it open? We open from 10am to 10pm
Attention ● For your child's safety, we check the height of your child.
● We set capacity for safety reasons. When it exceeds the capacity,
   you may have to wait.
● When your waiting number is called and you don't present yourself
   within 15 minutes, your turn may be cancelled.
● Småland is a service for IKEA visitors.
   You must remain in IKEA while your child is in Småland.
   We will page or call you if there is a problem.
● It gets very crowded on weekends, holidays and school break.
   Please allow enough time to wait.
* See a staff at Småland for more details.