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It's OK to change your mind

You have 365 days to return your purchase. Keep your receipt safe to make your return easier.
You can return any product — even if you assembled it — as long as it is in good condition.

We reserve the right to refuse a refund or exchange if the return criteria are not met.Read more about our warranties and guarantees

How to return

A pick-up
IKEA offers to collect the unwanted items.
A collection fee for the cost of returning the goods will apply.
The cost starts from 29,000 KRW for metro.
This service is not available in all areas.
Please contact us for pricing and scheduling.
Return for free at any IKEA store.
Find your local store here.

or incomplete orders

Call or chat with us
Visit our contact page to call or chat with
one of our agents.
We will help you find a solution.
Visit your closest store
Regardless of your issue, you can always visit your local IKEA store and we will find a solution for you.
If your item is damaged,
bring you damaged item and proof of purchase.
If you are missing an item, bring you order confirmation.