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About the IKEA group

Welcome inside our company

A father preparing breakfast in the kitchen with his young son
We are a value-driven company with a passion for life at home. Every product we create is our idea for making home a better place. At the IKEA Group, we have 340 stores in 28 countries*.

* As of August 31, 2016
Read IKEA Group Yearly
Summary FY16
Read IKEA Group
Sustainability Report FY16
Cover of the 2016 Yearly Summary.
ABOUT THE IKEA GROUP: Business concept | Sustainable growth | Key figures | Organisation
Vision and business idea
“To create a better everyday life for the many people”, this is the IKEA vision. Our business idea is “to offer a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them”.
We work hard to achieve quality at affordable prices for our customers through optimising our entire value chain, by building long-term supplier relationships, investing in highly automated production and producing large volumes. Our vision also goes beyond home furnishing. We want to create a better everyday for all people impacted by our business.
ABOUT THE IKEA GROUP: Business concept | Sustainable growth | Key figures | Ownership & structure
Investing for the future
“To create a better everyday life for the many people”, this is the IKEA vision. The main financial principle of the IKEA Group is to grow by using our own resources. In other words, we earn our money before we spend it. This makes it possible for us to make long-term investments for the future.
The IKEA vision is the foundation for our growth. We want to make sure that IKEA is accessible, so that more people can create a better everyday life at home. We re-invest a majority of our profits in existing and new IKEA stores, as well as in product development, sustainable solutions and by continuously lowering prices to our customers.
Residents in Hamburg can just walk in off the high street to visit the IKEA store.
IKEA goes urban with first high street store in Hamburg.
3 growth areas
Two LAMPAN table lamps with one without it's lampshade.
Quality products at low prices
To reach many people, our products must be of good quality and affordable. We design with our customers’ needs in mind. Read about our process in Democratic Design
Father cooking at kitchen island. Daughter sat on a bench built into the island.
People & Planet Positive
We are working towards having an overall positive impact on both people and the planet while we continue to grow. See more in People & Planet
A photo collage of different IKEA co-workers.
When people grow, IKEA grows too
Our co-workers are essential for our continued growth. We see every person as a talent with the possibility to develop. Find out more in Working at the IKEA Group
ABOUT THE IKEA GROUP: Business concept | Sustainable growth | Key figures | Organisation
IKEA Group at a glance FY16
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It starts with the food
Celebrating everyday life in and around the kitchen, our theme for FY16, “It Starts with the Food” provides inspiration and solutions for food activities, from growing to cooking to serving and storing.
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EUR 1.7 billion IKEA Food turnover
Sales at our restaurants, bistros, Swedish Food Markets, and co-worker restaurants.
100 Million
Born in 1984, IKEA FAMILY has now reached 100 million members. Over 10 million new members join every year - that’s around 30,000 new members every day!
A woman holding a glass carafe with a cork lid.
Close-up of a cotton shrub.
Cotton and wood from more
sustainable sources
All of the cotton we use for our products comes from more sustainable sources*. In FY16, 61 % of wood came from more sustainable sources**, and we are aiming for 100 % in 2020.
* Includes cotton grown to the Better Cotton Standard; by farmers working towards Better Cotton; recycled cotton and more sustainable cotton from the USA (such as the ‘e3 Cotton Program’).
** Currently defined as FSC™-certified or recycled wood.
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110 million
783 million
425 million
2.1 billion visits to
Visits to the catalogue and store apps
Store visits
Shopping centre visits
An increase of 9% compared to FY15
21.6% Corporate income tax
In FY16, corporate income tax increased to EUR 1.2 billion globally, which equals an effective corporate income tax rate of 21.6% (18.9% in FY15). In FY16, our total tax bill including other taxes and duties amounted to approximately EUR 1.9 billion.
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48% Female managers
We want a workplace where 50% of leadership positions are held by women and 50% by men. Today, more than half of our co-workers are women, as are 48% of our managers and 33%* of Group Management.
* This number has changed for FY17 due to new management structure.
Three coffee tables in ash veneer with solid birch legs. One large and two smaller that fits underneath.
9,500 Products across the
IKEA range
Every year we renew our range, launching approximately 2,500 new products, designed by our in-house and contracted designers.
A report with a front cover of a grandmother and her grandchild playing in a white country kitchen.
Download the full report for a more detailed overview of what happened in FY16.
ABOUT THE IKEA GROUP: Business concept | Sustainable growth | Key figures | Organisation
Our Group management
Top Row, left to right
Giny Boer, Retail region South & East Europe
Steve Howard, Sustainability
Claudia Willvonseder, Marketing and Com&In (Communication & Interior design)
Peter Agnefjäll, CEO & President
Gerard Groener, Centres
Marcus Baumgartner, Customer Fulfilment
Bottom Row, left to right
Karin Sköld, CEO Assistant
Stefan Sjöstrand, Commercial
Michael Ward, Retail region North America & Scandinavia
Petra Hesser, Human Resource
Mikael Palmquist, Retail region Asia Pacific
Olivia Ross Wilson, Corporate Communications
Jeanette Söderberg, Retail region Central & West Europe
Lotta Lyrå, Development & Expansion
Alistair Davidson, CFO
Stichting INGKA Foundation Owner of the IKEA Group
Ingvar Kamprad in the self-service warehouse of an IKEA store
Ingvar Kamprad, Senior Advisor & Founder
“I decided that the stock market was not an option for IKEA. I knew that only a long-term perspective could secure our growth plans and I didn’t want IKEA to be become dependent on financial institutions.”
For a sustainable future
We have a strong tradition of working with sustainability. Find out more information in our People & Planet section. Visit People & Planet
A photo of IKEA recycling solutions
Latest news
Get the latest news about IKEA, as well as download in-depth reports and information. Visit our Newsroom