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A better world starts at home
You can live a more sustainable life at home that is better for the planet, and great for your wallet too. Things like reducing food waste, using reusable shopping bags, eating more plant-based foods and hanging your clothes to dry, may seem small – but that’s the beauty of small actions, they all add up. We have many money saving products and solutions to help you reduce waste, energy and water consumption. You might already be using some of them without even realising it. In that case, we salute you accidental environmentalist.
A better world starts at home
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Different green plants used for making plant-based foods served in IKEA stores.
Plant-based goodness
We believe being healthy is about making smart everyday choices that are good for both your body and the environment. It’s about eating a more balanced diet containing less meat and a rich variety of vegetables and plant-based foods. We want to create food that not only supports this goal but is also delicious and affordable. To give you products that make being healthy an easy choice.
Plant-based goodness
A white IKEA shower handle that saves water while showering a dog.
Tapping into more ways to use less water
Experts say that less than 3% of the water on Earth is fresh water. We can all contribute to conserving this precious, shared resource. That’s why we offer kitchen and bathroom taps and shower heads that that reduce water consumption by up to 50%. Because every drop counts.
Tapping into more ways to use less water
A sferical energy saving lightbulb from IKEA.
Save money and the planet, without leaving your home
There are many small things you can do to live a more sustainable life at home. Just by airdrying your clothes, turning off idle electronics and only washing full loads of dishes and clothes, you’ll do the environment and your wallet a huge favour. We’ve also developed products that will reduce your carbon footprint even further without compromising on your quality of life.
Save money and the planet, without leaving your home
IKEA glass containers with lids filled with food leftovers means less food goes to waste.
There’s no time to waste
From creating a personalised recycling station in the kitchen to making weekly dinner menus and storing leftovers in the freezer, preventing waste by only using what we need, is a simple way to save money by. And it’s something everybody can do.
There’s no time to waste
Our journey towards 100%
Responsibly Sourced Wool
We love wool because it’s a fantastic material – natural, durable and strong, and also renewable, biodegradable and recyclable. But we want the wool in our products to be even more sustainable, that’s why we are committed to transforming all our wool to 100% Responsibly Sourced Wool by 2025. Follow the link to read more and watch a film that shows how the wool from sheep in New Zealand travels to India to be transformed into beautiful, handwoven carpets, before ending up in your IKEA store – and maybe in your home.
Find out more about Wool
Sheep grazing in the sunlight while producing wool for IKEA products.
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Get the big picture from IKEA
A man on a cargo bike loaded with IKEA packages.
The IKEA Concept
At the heart of the IKEA concept is our vision - to create a better everyday life for the many people.
At IKEA, we believe that design is for everyone. We strive to create products that are beautiful, functional, sustainable, high quality and affordable. Like the LISABO coffee table in ash veneer, winner of the international Red Dot award for design.
Democratic Design
We feel good design combines form, function, quality, sustainability at a low price. We call it “Democratic Design” - we believe good home furnishing is for everyone.
We believe in choosing materials responsibly, and we aim for renewable, recycled or recyclable resources whenever possible.
Choosing materials
We believe in choosing materials responsibly, and we aim for renewable, recycled or recyclable resources whenever possible.
Dive into life at home, financial results and get to know who we are in IKEA Group Yearly Summary 2017
About the IKEA Group
We are a values-driven company with a passion for life at home. The IKEA Group has 355 stores in 29 countries (as of August 31, 2017).
IKEA is on a journey towards becoming people & planet positive. Take a look at what we're committed to accomplish today and our goals for 2030.
People & Planet
We want to have a positive impact on people and the planet. See what we are doing now and our ambitions for the future.
A picture of a woman in a denim shirt. And beside that picture are three silhouettes of a mug, a heart-shaped cushion and a watering can.
Working at IKEA
We believe that each and everyone has something unique to offer. So discover what it’s like to work at IKEA, and see our available jobs.
Two women inspecting an anthracite-coloured door front made from 100% recycled waste.
On the factory floor
We believe that good ideas can come from anywhere. Together with our suppliers, we always look for new and smarter ways of doing things.
IKEA products must be safe, from both a health and environmental perspective.
Product Safety
Affordable products are at the heart of everything we do. That doesn’t mean that we compromise on quality or safety. IKEA products must be safe, from both a health and environmental perspective.
Customers enjoy a cup of coffee and relax in an IKEA restaurant.
Find out more about what’s going on at IKEA.
Facts and Figures 2018
Facts and Figures
Many companies, organisations and people – together – shape IKEA. Each and every person, idea and solution contributes to the big picture. Here is a selection of facts and figures that give a glimpse of the IKEA year that passed.