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Making space to be together in a small apartment

Moving in together means combining two homes into one. How do you fit everything in without having to compromise? Try using two chaises longues in the middle of the room instead of a sofa along the wall. It’s one simple way to free up space for more storage and it creates a cosy little nest where the two of you can relax and do your own thing, together.

Need a change? Just rearrange

You might not move them everyday, but choosing two chaise lounges instead of a sofa gives you more options for furnishing, whether you’re having a small get together with friends, a cosy date night in front of the television, or just because it’s nice to hang out together–even if you are both doing your own thing.
Projection screens for great flexibility in small spaces

How about a big screen in a small space?

You have a love of books, she has a love of video games. We have a solution that may make you both happy. A white TUPPLUR roller blind makes a great projection screen, and when it’s ‘game over’ just roll it up, out of sight.
Small desks for small spaces

A small desk with big functionality

You need a place to write your blog and a place to set up for get-togethers with friends. You can compromise without feeling compromised if you choose a piece of furniture that can handle both jobs; the VIKA VEINE desktop does just that.

More ideas for small living rooms


What BESTÅ solution is best for you?

Use one of pre-set combinations as a starting point, then customise it to fit your style, or create your own totally unique solution.