Home furnishing

Home furnishing

"Home is most important place in the world." This is what we want you to feel most.
Let's share ideas and tips how to furnish your everyday life nice and comfortable together.


We provide exclusive seminars with our expart staffs and interior designers only for IKEA FAMILY members. The topics of the seminars varies from storage and table settings to cooking with Swedish food. Kids are also welcome.
We look forward to see you at the seminars.

Share my IKEA

This is the website to upload how you enjoy "IKEA at home"
You can show off your wonderful room furnished with IKEA as well as peek other rooms when you need inspiration.
2012 Summer inspirational homes

Inspirational homes

Introducing the ideas and tips for making your home more comfortable. You can be next on LIVE!?
Anywhere in the world, single or with a partner, with or without a kid, the members are our family. The number of IKEA FAMILY members has been growing.