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Limited edition collection


You can multi-use IKEA SPÄNST desk thanks to a standing height and storage.
Uncover your lifestyle
IKEA has teamed up with LA-based fashion designer Chris Stamp, and freelance designer Maja Ganszyniec for a limited edition collection: SPÄNST. Inspired by street fashion and an active lifestyle, SPÄNST features furniture, accessories and items for storing, displaying and organising some of your favourites at home.
So whether it’s for a skateboard, the jacket that could be considered a work of art, or for the shoes that look better after each wear, SPÄNST is a way for you to uncover your lifestyle; to exhibit it at home with the same amount of artistry and pride within the four walls, as you do outside of them.
“Fashion and furniture are different animals but the creative process is similar. Design no matter the medium is always about finding the right solution to a challenge. Feeling inspired by the environment around me and my team is an essential part of my creative process.”
– Chris Stamp
Limited edition collection, launching in May 2018.
*This collections is not available at IKEA Sendai.
Display your sneakers or skateboards with IKEA SPÄNST shoe/skateboard rack.
“I grew up surfing and skating. Here in So Cal, skating is more than transportation. It’s a culture and an intimate part of the Stampd DNA. I’m honored to get the opportunity to design the first skateboard ever at IKEA.”
– Chris Stamp
Hit the streets with IKEA SPÄNST cap, designed by Chris Stamp.
“With this collection I’ve learnt that it’s worth pushing the limits. We went for solutions that we believed to be strong and bold, or else it wasn’t worth it.”
– Maja Ganszyniec
Display your sneakers or skateboards with IKEA SPÄNST shoe/skateboard rack.
Meet Chris Stamp
Since his early childhood days, Chris has always been immersed in fashion and the arts. Growing up he was inspired by his mother’s hard work as a handbag designer & small business owner in Aspen, Colorado. He knew that creativity was his future.
Founded in 2011, Stampd is known for its meticulous attention to detail and designs that embody modern youth culture with high quality and a minimalistic aesthetics. Today, with a growing team, Stampd has its own flagship store in the heart of Los Angeles, selling his line of clothes and accessories all over the world.
“I never let the setbacks define me. They’re always going to be times when things don’t turn out, or go your way. Looking back, I believe those struggles made me a better designer.”
– Chris Stamp
Limited edition collection,
launching in May 2018