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Exchange of pillow,quilt,mattress

"Try it for 90 days at home" - love or exchange

We are sure you will find the perfect pillow, quilt and mattress at IKEA store,
however you can't actually be sure until you try it for a while. That's why we give you
90 days to be sure you can sleep well. If the chemistry isn't right, simply bring it
back and choose another.

Terms and conditions

  • If you don't satisfy with your purchase, bring it back within 90 days and we
    will exchange with the same kind of product once.
  • New mattress can seem a bit too firm. Allow at least a month to get used to
    your body. You can of course bring it in before that.
  • We will exchange bedding products below even after you use it. Please note that some of the products shown on the linked pages are not for
    exchange, so please check the names of the products above the pictures.
  • Product at AS-IS section is not for exchange.

Exchagable items

Mattress: (Exclude BEITO spring mattresses, cot mattresses, children's mattresses 3-7)
SULTAN/mattress pads,
Slatted bed bases
Quilt: (Exclude MYSKGRÄS quilt)
Pillows: (Exclude SLÅN pillows)

About return & refund

  • Returning products should be unused. However, bedding mentioned above can
    be exchanged.
  • Please bring back returning items in the original packaging together with the
    receipt to the return counter at IKEA store.
  • If you made a purchase with your credit card, you need to come to the store in
    person with your credit card and ID so that we will refund the amount of your
    returning items on your credit card.
  • If you used your credit card but someone else comes for you to return, or if you
    forget the card, we will refund the amount of your returning items on IKEA's
    return card.
  • If you want to exchange your purchased item, return it and get the refund first
    and purchase what you want.
  • You need to pay to transport your returning items if needed.
  • Return card can't be used at 2F Restaurant, 1F Bistro, Swedish food market or
    services such as delivery service.