Article 1 Purpose

The purpose of these Rules shall be to set forth the terms and conditions under which IKEA JAPAN K.K. (hereinafter referred to as “IKEA”) provides the service contained in the following Article (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”) to IKEA FAMILY Members (hereinafter referred to as “Members” or “Member”) provided for in Article 3.

Article 2 Service

  1. Details of and stores providing the Service will be announced from time to time on the website or in other media by IKEA; provided, however, such details and stores may be changed without giving prior notice.
  2. As a part of the Service, IKEA may deliver or mail information and other messages related to the Service to the e-mail address or postal address of each of the Members.

Article 3 Members

  1. “Members” means individuals who have applied for a membership agreement to receive the Service (application for admission) and completed the admission procedure as prescribed, and then for whom IKEA has approved such application; provided, however, IKEA may not approve the application of certain individuals if IKEA has determined that approval as a Member is inappropriate.
  2. Applicants for the Service shall be deemed to have accepted these Rules at the time of application.
  3. IKEA will issue the IKEA FAMILY Card (hereinafter referred to as the “Membership Card”) to Members for whom IKEA has approved the application.

Article 4 Notice of Changes

  1. Any Member shall, when changing his or her information, such as the postal address, name, contact and e-mail address, notify IKEA thereof in an immediate manner by means prescribed by IKEA.
  2. In the event that a Member suffers disadvantage by failing to give notice under the preceding paragraph, IKEA shall not assume any responsibility whatsoever.

Article 5 Personal Information of Members

  1. The purposes of IKEA to collect and use personal information of Members shall be as follows:
    (1) For identification of Members when purchasing, reserving, returning, or exchanging products;
    (2) For registration for various membership services of IKEA and resignation therefrom;
    (3) For notification of the arrival of products, and billing, delivery, installation and after-sales service thereof;
    (4) For preparation of products guarantees;
    (5) For response to requests and questions sent to the Customer Support Center;
    (6) For questionnaire surveys, and provision of products information using a catalogue or other materials;
    (7) For notification of various events including a sale, a competition and prizes, or invitation for the participation therein;
    (8) For identification of Members when applying for interior advice;
    (9) For identification of Members when applying for the place for temporary custody of children;
    (10) For provision of ancillary services of IKEA related to the foregoing; and
    (11) For preparation of statistical data on the purchase of products and other elements.
  2. Personal information of Members shall be strictly controlled by IKEA and not be provided to any third party except where any of the following circumstances apply:
    (1) Where the consent of the relevant Member is obtained;
    (2) Where it is based on applicable laws and regulations; or
    (3) Where the use of personal information is necessary, when IKEA entrusts with its business a third party who has entered into a non-disclosure agreement.
  3. IKEA shall, when determining it necessary, be entitled to use personal information of Members even after the termination of the membership agreement.

Article 6 Resignation from Membership

Members shall, when cancelling a membership, notify IKEA thereof according to the procedure as prescribed, and be regarded to have cancelled on the day when IKEA completes the cancellation procedure.

Article 7 Cessation of Use and Termination

IKEA may, if any Member falls under any of the cases listed in the following items, cause such Member to cease the use of the Service or terminate their membership agreements, without giving any notice, demand whatsoever:
  1. Where it is found that a Member has notified IKEA of false matters at the time of application for admission or notice of changes, or failed to promptly give notice of changes;
  2. Where the Member disrupted the operation of the Service;
  3. Where the Member performs an act which IKEA determines inappropriate, or there are reasonable grounds to find that they are likely to perform such act;
  4. Where the Member has not purchased any products using the Membership Card for sixty-six (66) months (five and a half (5.5) years) from the most recent date of purchase using it (the most recent date of purchase recorded in the IKEA’s system); or
  5. Otherwise, where the Member is in breach of the terms and conditions of these Rules.

Article 8 Suspension or Discontinuation of Service

  1. IKEA may suspend the Service without assuming any responsibility whatsoever in the following cases:
    (1) Where it is unavoidable owing to the maintenance or construction of a system for the Service;
    (2) Where it becomes difficult to provide the Service owing to a natural disaster or for other reasons not attributable to IKEA; and
    (3) Otherwise, where IKEA determines it necessary to suspend the Service for operational reasons.
  2. IKEA shall be entitled to discontinue the Service by giving prior notice, without assuming any responsibility whatsoever.

Article 9 Discharge of Responsibility

IKEA shall not accept any responsibility for any delay in, non-arrival of, or other failure in communication related to the Service.

Article 10 Management, etc. of Membership Card, Number and Password

  1. Each Member shall use and manage his or her own Membership Card, its number and password with the due care of a prudent manager.
  2. A Member shall not cause any third party to use, or transfer, lend or otherwise dispose of to any third party his or her Membership Card, its number and password.
  3. Any Member may, when having lost or having had stolen his or her Membership Card, be reissued it according to the procedure on the “ IKEA FAMILY Member page log-in “ of the IKEA website; provided, however, whether or not the Membership Card is reissued, in the event that Members suffer damage caused by the lost or stolen card, IKEA shall not assume any responsibility whatsoever.

Article 11 Copyright, etc.

Members may, except where it is permitted pursuant to the Copyright Act and other laws and regulations, not make use of any information or other data provided under the Service for themselves or any third party. For the purpose of this Article, “use” shall include, but not be limited to, reproduction, public transmission, dictation, exhibition, distribution, lending, translation and adaptation.

Article 12 Prohibition on Members

Members shall, when using the Service, not perform any of the acts listed in the following items:
  1. An act of using the Membership Card, its number and password of any of other Member without due authorization;
  2. An act of infringing the copyright and other rights of any other Member, third party, or IKEA;
  3. An act of abusing, slandering, or defaming any other Member, third party, or IKEA;
  4. An act in violation of any of laws, regulations, or these Rules;
  5. An act that is likely to fall under any of the acts listed in the preceding items; or
  6. Any other act which IKEA determines inappropriate for the operation of the Service.

Article 13 Transfer of Rights

Members shall not be entitled to transfer to any third party their rights and obligations under these Rules.

Article 14 Changes in Rules

IKEA shall be entitled to change these Rules from time to time without obtaining the approval of Members.

Supplemental Provision:

These Rules shall be enforced from May 19, 2006.
Partial revision was made in May 2013.