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This month weʼre introducing a range of products that make the everyday more playful. The launch comes in a modern style thatʼs about colour-blocking, simplicity in shapes and new materials.
For the living room, thereʼs the modular sofa with easy hook-on modules in fun covers, as well as two side tables and pendant lamps in attractive, modern designs.
Parents can delight in new baby furniture, a baby textile collection and childrenʼs mattresses, all developed with child safety as top priority.
LED work lamp
The table top of BURVIK side table has extra high edges so that things donʼt
slide off when you carry the table.
With an eye-catching shape, BURVIK side table is sure to turn up the design factor in the living room. Its handle is part of the modern design, and makes the table easily movable with only one hand.

The side table comes in black, red and white with birch.
This portability is exactly what the designer Mikael Axelsson had in mind
when he created the table:<br>
“If thereʼs one thing Iʼd want BURVIK side table to say itʼs ʻMove me around!ʼ.
When I designed it I was inspired by how our lives and homes look today
– fluid, flexible, active – and I wanted to make a piece of furniture thatʼs
easy to lift and move so that it can be used for many different activities. The
idea is quite simple. Whenever and wherever you need a space to put
something on, BURVIK is there for you.”
They have a surface thatʼs durable and easy to clean and the smallest table even has a
higher edge giving the possibility to store away any clutter or small items, even the
remote control.<br>The smallest table can become a hidden storage space to put things away but still have them close at hand.
Together or apart, GRANBODA nest of tables provides extra surfaces whenever needed. Use the tables as three separate side tables, or as one long coffee table. As they fit so snugly together when nested, theyʼre great for small spaces.
HÄLLAN cabinet comes with the possibility to have a lock, as well as
personalising the door using magnets.
In office environments with no private rooms or desks, HÄLLAN cabinet is ideal for storing away personal items. The simple, timeless metal cabinet can be built to suit small to large storage needs, and leg stands are available.
Being made of metal makes it long-lasting and magnet-friendly, while also
separable and recyclable at the end of its life. The cabinet is business
approved, but works equally well at home in a workroom or even a hallway
to store away clothes accessories.
The designer Mikael Axelsson explains his thinking behind the sofa:<br>
“I wanted to make a sofa that reflects how we live today, with quick changes and homes which
are flexible yet often small. The modules make it possible to create the exact sofa combination you
want - and itʼs possible to change it when needed. To lower the price, we worked with the
packaging and on getting the right sofa dimensions so that it can be transported in the most efficient way
possible - without compromising on comfort and quality.”
The one seat, corner and footstool modules attach through a hook connection fitting, making it easy to rearrange the modules according to needs. Plus the foot-stool module lets you build a sofa combination with an open end, or keep it separate for that extra put-your-feet-up comfort.
In many homes, the sofa is the most central and loved furniture thatʼs also one of the homeʼs biggest investments – both in terms or size and price. KUNGSHAMN modular sofa is available with modules that can be built together in endless possibilities of sizes and configurations.
With covers in three different colours, plain
pink, beige or a pink diamond pattern, itʼs
fun to go modular with this sweet sofa – and
it doesnʼt hurt the wallet either!
With a pink diamond-patterned cover available, itʼs fun to get creative with KUNGSHAMN modular sofa.
With a modern pattern of circles, TORRILD rug gives a playful feeling to the
A rug offers the possibility to tie a room together. The low pile TORRILD rug does so with a playful feeling featuring a modern pattern of circles in light pink, mustard, beige, taupe and green-grey — designed by Paulin Machado. Itʼs an affordable way to inject some life into the room!
JOHANNE cushion cover is made of hard-wearing, natural 100% ramie with a slightly
irregular texture that becomes part of the design.
In our striving to create more sustainable and attractive products JOHANNE cushion cover was born. With a black and white pattern, this is an easy-to-match cover that uses non-dyed, non-bleached 100% ramie that saves water and use of chemicals in the dye process.
With a smooth shape, VÄXJÖ pendant lamp gives a
pleasant light for dining and spreads a good directional
light across the table.
Simplicity and beautiful lines are brought together in VÄXJÖ pendant lamps. In an eye-catching blue or a subtle beige, this modern, designed lamp has the capacity to give a lot of light, itʼs only limited to the type of bulb you choose. Made in aluminium, the pendant lamp has an easy and snug-fit ceiling cup that always keeps this beauty hanging in tip top shape.
With plastic panels connected through elastic bands, the shade diffuses light evenly to
create a subtle glow.For the entire lighting range at IKEA, we've gone all in with LED.These
bulbs consume up to 85% less energy than traditional bulbs and last up to 20 times longer.
Use them in SJÖPENNA floor and table lamps and create mood light to feel good about!
Set the mood at home with a sculptured lamp.SJÖPENNA floor and table lamps are made in a voluminous shape that breathes of modern Scandinavian design.
The shower curtain is made water-repellent without any harmful
chemicals, just like all shower curtains at IKEA. Let the day begin with a
clean conscience!
For a happy start to the day, BILLSJÖN towels and LASJÖN shower curtain are sure to brighten up the bathroom mood. Coordinated with each other, they feature a playful pattern with a maritime theme designed by Paulin Machado. The terry towels are made in 100% cotton from more sustainable sources and are highly absorbent, quick-drying and washable in 60 degrees.
Designed by Paulin Machado, LASJÖN shower curtain features a playful
pattern with a maritime theme.
SKÅDIS pegboard has a unique patented hole pattern where all sorts of accessories can be attached.
Whether creating order for tools in a workshop or an innovative holder for bathroom essentials, SKÅDIS pegboard is versatile with only creativity setting the limits.
The white pegboard comes in three sizes with accessories that can hold any bits and bobs - using cups in metal and PET plastic, hooks, trays and other wire and string functions. The board fits well into ALGOT system using connectors, but is designed to function and look good on its own in all rooms from office to kitchen, even the kidsʼ room.
Living room | Bathroom | Children's IKEA
Children's IKEA
Of course, there are no harmful chemicals in the paint or material, the edges and corners are rounded
and the cot has a stable and durable construction that withstands the impact of a child jumping up and
down (more than 5000 times!).
All babies have the right to a safe sleep environment, regardless of the wallet size of their parent. Like all IKEA products, SOLGUL baby furniture series has been developed with child safety as top priority. It includes the essentials for a beautiful-looking nursery — a baby cot, changing table and wardrobe. All the pieces have the same width, which makes furnishing easier.
As a baby spends many hours in its cot, parents need to know that the baby is perfectly safe, even if not in the room. For this reason, we have put our cots through 28 different tests, mostly for safety and stability. This has resulted in design features like a ventilated cot base for the best sleeping climate and the optimal gap between the spindles.
Developed with the best comfort, all our mattresses are created equally safe.<br>Regarding the prevention of sudden infant death, mattresses play an important role. Mattresses should neither be too soft nor too hard. The material should let through air to regulate humidity caused by sweating and the material should not induce allergies. All of these aspects were paramount when we created our new baby mattresses.
Babies and children need good, sound sleep for the development of their bodies and minds. During sleep, we regenerate physically, our immune system is activated and memory consolidation takes place. With babies spending on average 14 hours per day sleeping and children at the age of four needing 12 hours/day, a good quality mattress is the best thing you can give a growing child! Sleep comfort mainly depends on the quality and type of mattress used, and is a condition for healthy sleep. Thatʼs why weʼre completely renewing both our baby and childrenʼs range of mattresses.
A dog, giraffe or a horse? Whatever you see, KRUX work
lamp is sure to bring a smile to the kidʼs room.
Whether turned on or off, KRUX wall and work lamps bring a smile to the kidʼs room. Designed in the shape of a creature with ears, the arm and head of these lamps can be adjusted to get the light just where itʼs wanted. The wall lamp is even dimmable, so itʼs easy to get the light just right.