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IKEA and WWF Conservation Partnership

IKEA and WWF work together in a partnership to promote responsible forestry, better cotton cultivation, and to address climate change.
The WWF and IKEA co-operation first began in 2002 to jointly promote responsible forestry. The first years of co-operation showed that by working together, more can be achieved.

Forestry projects with WWF

IKEA and WWF work together to increase the availability of FSC-certified wood and to tackle problems such as illegal logging. We cooperate in projects in important wood sourcing regions such as Russia and China, Bulgaria, Romania, and Vietnam.
The co-operation, started in 2002, has contributed to doubling the certified forest areas in China and helped Russia become the world’s second largest country by certified forest areas.

Cotton projects with WWF

Conventional cotton growing and processing consumes large amounts of water and chemicals. Together with WWF, IKEA is actively involved in developing better cotton cultivation practices to increase the volume of cotton produced in an environmentally friendly way.
Thousands of cotton farmers have joined IKEA and WWF cotton projects in India and Pakistan. They have proved that conventional cotton can be grown in a more eco-friendly way – and with better profits.

Climate projects with WWF

IKEA cooperates with WWF to tackle climate change. We work together in six projects that cover different aspects of IKEA operations. We want to fully identify and reduce the carbon footprint throughout the whole value chain.

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