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The living room is the heart of everyday life at home. A lot of different things happen here, so naturally it should be the most flexible, multifunctional room in the home.
So says IKEA in their new take on the living room - Make Room for Life.
 Three posters from the IKEA festival at the Milan furniture fair 2017.
And where better to unveil it than the 2017 Milan Furniture Fair?
There, in a 3500 m2 event and exhibition, the “IKEA Festival – Let’s Make Room For Life” invited visitors to an energetic mix of workshops, installations, interviews, music, live prototyping, food and happenings.
   A colourful set of IKEA PS 2017 furniture
A glance at the IKEA PS 2017 collection – designed by 17 designers from around the world.
Curious? Get a glimpse of what happened at the IKEA Festival 2017.
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    The IKEA DELAKTIG sofa in black.
DELAKTIG chaise lounge with armrest.
Collections and co-creation
New and ongoing collaborations, plus several new sofa collections created, were presented at the show. One of the sofas, or “living platform” as Tom Dixon and the 75 co-creating design students call it, is amazingly adaptable.
Tapping students’ creativity
The competition ‘Democratic Design Challenge’ invited students to create space-saving products for the IKEA range. The participants pitched their ideas and small-scale prototypes to a jury during the exhibition, and the winners were announced shortly after - a bookcase with elastic rope instead of traditional shelves, and a modular wall-mounted storage system for small apartments, were announced winners. The creators were invited to make full-scale prototypes of their designs together with IKEA product developers.
The four happy winners of the IKEA Democratic Design Challenge 2017
The winners of the “Democratic Design Challenge”.
The IKEA Festival was a huge success, and based on concept, use of technology, storytelling, engagement and innovative formats, it was nominated as one of the best 40 exhibitions at the Milan Furniture Fair.
  Musicians performing at the IKEA Festival at the Milan Furniture Fair 2017
Musicians performing at the IKEA Festival at the Milan Furniture Fair 2017.
More highlights
Chasing away the darkness
Chasing away the darkness
Thanks to co-workers and customers who supported the ‘Brighter Lives for Refugees’ campaign, the IKEA Foundation was able do fund the world’s first solar farm in a refugee camp. Read more here.
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IKEA 2017 by numbers
Many companies, organisations and people – together – shape IKEA. Each and every person, idea and solution contribute to the big picture. Here is a selection of facts and figures that give a glimpse of the IKEA year that passed.
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