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MARCH 2018
OMEDELBAR collection
B. WHO YOU ARE! Made in collaboration with fashion activist Bea Åkerlund, OMEDELBAR limited edition collection offers everything to create the feeling of an exclusive dressing room. With items like large glass hats, lip-shaped pillows and 3D-printed hands, OMEDELBAR comes with a flair of Goth and Hollywood glamour.
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Collection released March 2018
The TILLTALANDE cactus pattern cushion with handmade tassels is part of a collection of unique textiles, designed to create jobs – now and in the future. Made in collaboration with Jordan River Foundation and Jordanian as well as refugee women artisans.
Designed to create jobs
TILLTALANDE is a collection of precious, handcrafted textiles, designed to create jobs.
Made in collaboration with Jordan River Foundation and Jordanian as well as refugee women artisans, it’s an initiative sprung from the urgent need to get people into work and into society – now and in the future.
”It’s about co-creating great design while creating jobs for more than 100 women – ending up with unique products that are affordable to many”, says Ann-Sofie Gunnarsson, Partner Development Leader Social Entrepreneurs at IKEA of Sweden.

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“The shared journey with Jordan River Foundation just started. We can see that it leaves the involved women with a greater self-confidence and pride – and with the chance to plan for the future.”

VAISHALI MISRA, Business Leader Social Entrepreneur Partnership, IKEA of Sweden

The Jordan River Foundation (JRF) is a Jordanian non-profit, non-governmental organization established in 1995 and chaired by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah. JRF has initiated numerous socio-economic projects for women, young people and children.
Since the refugee crisis began in 2011, nearly 700 000 people have officially registered as refugees in Jordan, a country of only 9 million people with high rates of unemployment. JRF is working hard to tackle the crisis by providing jobs for women refugees and for Jordanian women in need of work.
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See how it all started. In early 2017 IKEA teamed up with the Jordan River Foundation and local women artisans to develop TILLTALANDE collection.
Be your own barista!
IKEA ÖVERST metal filter gives a deeper and stronger coffee aroma. It’s a sustainable choice because it replaces paper filters.
Discover the new coffee and tea products at IKEA — from an espresso maker to a honey drip, there’s everything needed for that perfect cup.
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Create your own nook with DELAKTIG
Finally, you can have an IKEA product that no one else has! Combine the DELAKTIG 3-seat platform and the backrest with cushion, add the black LED floor lamp and side table. The DELAKTIG aluminium sofa series can be personalised to suit your style.
Create many different styles and configurations with DELAKTIG. Designed by IKEA and Tom Dixon, it’s your turn to make it your own.
New ways of telling the time
IKEA PANORERA clocks have a classic look on the outside, but new, silent and tick-tock-free technology inside.
The yellow IKEA STOLPA clock has a classic look on the outside, but new, silent and tick-tock-free technology inside.
Let the new clocks at IKEA tell the time — all are made with a silent quartz movement so no disturbing ticking sounds! Plus some come with a built-in sound or touch sensor that lights up the time by the sound of a clap or when touched.
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For a flexible office
IKEA HÄLLAN lockable cabinet offers privacy at home, when sharing rooms, or in the office.
Store away your personal things in the timeless metal HÄLLAN cabinet that can be built to suit both small and large storage needs, in the office or at home.
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Combining simplicity with smoothness
The IKEA VÄXJÖ pendant lamp has a simple, modern design with smooth rounded lines. It comes in beige.
Grace the room with VÄXJÖ pendant lamp that brings together simplicity and beautiful lines, available in eye-catching blue or subtle beige.
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Let the lamp show who you are