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What's new at IKEA

New at IKEA, the LYSKRAFT collection, a series of KLIPPAN sofas, POÄNG armchairs and more hacked by Dutch designer-duo Scholten & Baijings.
Inspired by people’s creativity and the flourishing DIY trend, we teamed up with Dutch designer-duo Scholten & Baijings to “hack” some of the most classic IKEA furniture. Known for their trend-sensitivity and meticulous attention to detail, they’ve created a series of products and accessories to bring new life to your home, including a brand new set of covers and colours for the popular KLIPPAN and POÄNG.
Limited edition collection – launching in August 2018
Download all pictures (27,9MB .zip)
LYSKRAFT thumbnails of all pictures PH155320 PH155321 PH155308 PH155318 PH155319 PH155310 PH155309 PH155306 PH155305 PH155304 PH155311 PH155312 PH155314 PH155315 PH155316 PH155413 PH155307 PH155302 PH155322 PH155317 PH155313 PH155303
Older woman standing with her jewellery collection surrounded by pieces of the SAMMANHANG collection.
Launching August, 2018 the SAMMANHANG collection is all about placing your favourite items into context. Created in collaboration with seven different designers, the inspiration for the collection is drawn from still lifes, grocery stores and collectors themselves, amongst others. From smaller containers, such as display boxes and trays, to larger pieces of furniture, SAMMANHANG celebrates your personal style of collecting.
Release August 2018
Download all pictures (10,3MB .zip)
SAMMANHANG collection thumbnail images PH152518 PH152519 PH152538 PH152543 PH153859 PH153860 PH153861 PH153862 PH153864 PH153872 PH153873 PH153874 PH153875 PH153886 PH154007 PH153863 PH153865 PH153866 PH153867 PH153868 PH153869 PH153870 PH153871 PH153887 PH153889
In August, IKEA launches a poetic mood in soft pastels with storage as a big theme and products made with sustainable materials.
New products - August
This month we’re happy to introduce a look that’s all about connecting to yourself and creating a home that’s personal, organised and comfortable. The style is minimalist Scandinavian, the mood is poetic and the colours range from soft pastels to graphic monochromes.

Among the new products, storage and organising is a big theme. There’s a heavy-duty storage series and a fashionable update to an existing storage series. For the kitchen, there’s a series of traditional-styled storage, along with a matching sink and tap that’s water-saving. Of course, we focus on sustainability with our new products, with for example new flavourful teas that are UTZ-certified, textiles made of 100% cotton from more sustainable sources and a curtain and door mat that are made of recycled PET. The month also brings lamps and smaller pieces like candle holders and a watering can for a final finishing touch. Enjoy!
Sales start August 2018
Download all pictures (40,9MB .zip)
In August, IKEA launches a poetic mood in soft pastels with storage as a big theme and products made with sustainable materials. PH152442 PH152389 PH152388 PH152384 PH152439 PH152440 PH152441 PH152443 PH152444 PH152459 PH152457 PH152461 PH153275 PH153276 PH153274 PH153277 PH152392 PH152393 PH152390 PH152391 PH152397 PH152394 PH152395 PH152438 PH152437 PH152436 PH152383 PH152380 PH152405 PH152403 PH152419 PH152418 PH152409 PH152410 PH152408 PH152422 PH152427 PH152425 PH152426 PH152430 PH152411 PH152414 PH152412 PH152413 PH152420 PH152421 PH152416 PH152407 PH152406 PH152446 PH152462 PH152451 PH152450 PH152449 PH152448 PH152398 PH152400 PH152399 PH152402 PH152401 PH152433 PH152434 PH152467 PH152466 PH152472 PH152470 PH152469 PH152468
Build storage that works for your space
Save space with PLATSA, a flexible, easy-to-build storage system with sections and fittings that can be combined in different ways.
Optimise your space with the modular PLATSA storage system – flexible, light-weight and using wedge dowels that lets it be assembled and disassembled easily. Build a solution that suits your space and clothes!
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Tricky spaces? Build your own storage solution with PLATSA, a flexible, modular storage system with lots of possibilities.
A beloved IKEA icon, adapted for kids
STRANDMON, a classic armchair for children, has been adapted for the safety and ergonomics of small bodies.
Let children feel big in the small STRANDMON children’s armchair — the beloved IKEA icon has been shrunk down and adapted for the safety and ergonomics of small bodies.
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STRANDMON is a children’s armchair for both reading and playing, adapted for the safety and ergonomics of small bodies.
For naturally flexible living
GRÖNLID is a sectional sofa that can be built into almost any size and shape, with many covers to choose from.
Feel embraced by the generous GRÖNLID sectional sofa that can be built to the size and shape you want – available in a variety of covers.
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