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ANVÄNDBAR collection

Display of a collection consisting of plant pots, bags, fabrics and throws.
Live a little kinder
Two cotton bags, one with green leaves and one with  a wasp pattern.A clay pot with lid.
A greener lifestyle is a kinder life
For you and the home you live in. Yes, at the end of the day it’s about the planet, but it all starts with you. Saving water. Saving energy. Sorting waste. Doing little things when and where you can. It’s fun. It’s easy. And it makes a difference.
IKEA would love to help you live a little kinder. So keep your eyes open for ANVÄNDBAR. A new collection that lets your everyday make a greener lifestyle in the home not only easy, but enjoyable.
Natural, basic products made of natural, basic materials. To embrace your daily life at home.
A green glass vase made for cuttings.
Close-up of two drapes in front of a door.A two tiers sprouter in red clay with a white glazed bottom tray.A wine cooler in red clay with a white glazed saucer.A man sitting in a window bay with a black throw around his shoulders, reading a book.
Products to bring out the joy in those simple, everyday things. And make your daily chores make a real difference.
Available from April 2016