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Gift cards

A gift that's sure to please everyone on every occasion. You can choose the amount and your loved one can choose the gift. The IKEA gift card is easy to use as a pre-paid shopping card. Its especially handy for giving gifts on occasions like newborns, birthdays, back-to-school shopping, wedding, house warming and many more.

Customers can recharge in multiples of JD 10 and use it for shopping at IKEA just like any debit card, for example: Opening balance JD 20, and the amount spent this time JD 17, your available balance is JD 3. You can get your Gift Card from any Cashier at IKEA store.
One Card ... Many Benefits
IKEA Gift cards
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- Gift and Refund cards(s) can be used only at the IKEA Amman store
- To check the balance of any Gift or Refund card(s), visit or call our IKEA store
- No cash change will be given on purchases made using a Gift or Refund card(s)
- The value on the card(s) cannot be used to pay credit card or IKEA Business account balances
- The card(s) cannot be used towards purchases in the IKEA Restaurant, Sweden Shop, or Bistro.
- The card(s) remain the property of IKEA Amman, and may not be tampered or interfered with or without our consent
- Gift or Refund card(s) can be used as a complete or partial payment in the IKEA Amman store
- There are no limitations on how many times a card(s) can be used (until the balance is JD 0.000)
- The card(s) have no expiration date
- If card(s) are found, please return to the IKEA Amman store
- IKEA is unable to replace card(s) if lost or stolen
IKEA gift card terms & conditions