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Planning and advice

It’s easier with the help of a specialist.
planning and advice
How it works
You supply the floor and wall plans and any photos of your space.
We start by identifying your functional needs, your living situation and your taste in décor.
We make sure that all the furniture we recommend can be installed as planned. We check that electrical and gas appliances can be installed as planned. We make sure all the connections and outlets are where they should be and are working (this includes gas, electricity, hot and cold water, waste water and air exhaust).We determine whether you will need to install any non-IKEA products.
Finally, we will hand over a plan and a shopping list with all you need for your new kitchen.
ikea business jordan
Refurnishing or decorating your home or business? Our IKEA Business consultants can provide free in-store professional advice and personal assistance. They will make suggestions and help you plan the home or office or retail space you’ve always wanted.

Contact our store for an appointment.
IKEA BUSINESS Jordan store:

Call us: +962 6 400 0999

Working hours:
Sunday – Thursday
10:00am to 06:00pm