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Here you can get an overview of our apps for Android, iPhone and iPad. The applications will make it easier and more fun to prepare your purchases online or ready for your trip to the IKEA stores. Applications are available for free download on the iTunes App Store and Google play.

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Barcode scanning in the IKEA mobile app.

For an improved in store shopping experience, we added a barcode and article number scanning functionality into the IKEA mobile application. Here are some of what the new functionality enables you to do:
  • Scan product barcodes for price and information
  • Scan to add and remove items on your shopping list
  • Scan items for aisle location in the self serve warehouse.
    Download the IKEA mobile app. today to find out more.

    Mobile device compatibility
    IKEA mobile application devices are using barcode scanning function of the following technical criteria: iPhone Requirements: • iPhone 4, iOS 6.0 or later operating system version Android Requirements: • Set dual-core processor • Android version OS 2.3.3 or later • Camera, autofocus function • If possible, upgrade your Android device 4.0.4. newer version.