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For over 60 years IKEA has been working to help create a better everyday life for the many people. We do it in small ways, answering needs related to life at home by creating well designed furnishing products that are attractive, functional, sustainable and affordable. That’s because we believe most people share a desire for beauty, a need for functionality and a regard for saving resources - both their own, and the planet’s.
Take our new series of wireless chargers for example. With smartphones being such a natural part of life today, we want to make charging a natural part of the home. That’s why we’ve introduced a variety of solutions to make charging easier, more attractive and more enjoyable. You’ll find everything from bedside tables and lamps featuring built-in chargers, to charging pads and cable management boxes. Or why not build a charger into the furniture of your choice with a do-it-yourself kit?
A table lamp with wireless charging, shown on a cabinet next to the sofa and a table lamp with wireless charging.
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Stacked packaged LAMPAN table lamps with four assembley stages of LAMPAN
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A more sustainable life at home
We have loads of affordable products and solutions tohelp you live a more sustainable life at home. They may seem like small things – LED bulbs, recycling waste baskets, food storage containers and the like – but that’s the beauty of small actions: they all add up! Explore People & Planet
A group of different IKEA recycling solutions arranged in a room
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