We're going all-in for a more sustainable future

At IKEA, we want to have a positive impact on people and the planet. For many years we’ve focused on economising resources and helping to create a better everyday life for people. And now we’ve made a big step forward. We’re going all-in with more sustainable cotton and LED lighting.
From September 2015, all the cotton in our products will come from more sustainable sources. This is good news for you, farmers and the environment. At the same time, we’re switching to 100% LED, making this sustainable light source more affordable and beautiful. These are just two of the ways we can help people all over the world live more sustainably.
We also now have more than 700,000 solar panels installed on IKEA buildings worldwide and we’ve committed to owning and operating 224 wind turbines. But we’re not done yet. We’re just warming up...

You can also learn more about the projects we are involved in that aim to improve the livelihoods of neighboring communities around the IKEA Indonesia store. Read about our
Local Initiatives.
Cotton from more sustainable sourcesIKEA is all-in with 100% LED
Cotton. Image: WWF
A young girls peels an orange in a kitchen filled with products that make it easier to live more sustainably
Two men install solar panels on the roof of an IKEA store
A woman and young children in a rural village in India
Local Initiatives
In line with our global sustainability approach, IKEA Indonesia will offer the environmentally friendly IKEA Blue Bag to customers in place of plastic bags. Each purchase of a Blue Bag will see 100% of the retail value, in addition to a donation from IKEA, go towards Mercy Corps Indonesia’s local water and sanitation sewage project. This includes the purchase, installation, and maintenance of 100 septic tanks over a two year period in the area of Kecamatan Penjaringan. The Blue Bag project will also facilitate on-going local sanitation behavior campaigns to educate and encourage people to adopt improved health and sanitation habits.
Blue Bag Project
Learn more about the Blue Bag ProjectLearn more about Mercy Corps Indonesia Blue Bag Project
Learn more about Lund University
Along with the launch of our Blue Bag Campaign, IKEA Indonesia has developed The Blue Bag Water Innovation Award 2015 together with Lund University in Sweden and Mercy Corps Indonesia. This Award seeks to inspire Indonesian students to create innovative solutions for improved water resource management in Jakarta, and win a two-year scholarship for the Masters Programme in Water Resources at Lund University as well as an internship working with Mercy Corps Indonesia’s Blue Bag Project.
Entries have now closed and the winner will be announced at a prize ceremony in January 2015.
The Blue Bag Water Innovation Award 2015
Learn more about The Blue Bag Water Innovation Award 2015Blue Bag Project
Learn more about our Batik uniform design competition
Batik is the traditional Indonesian art craft and has long been regarded as a symbol of the country's rich heritage. In fact, the Indonesian government launched an initiative to promote October 2 as National Batik Day, which has grown into an adopted practice throughout both the public and private sectors for all employees to wear Batik every Friday. In respecting this tradition, IKEA Indonesia conducted a Batik shirt design competition among local universities to provide a Batik uniform for all co-workers to wear. Students from fashion, textile, and graphic design backgrounds were invited to create a simple uniform design, combining elements of both Indonesian and Swedish traditions. The winning design was locally printed and manufactured, and chosen to be the official Friday Batik shirt of IKEA Indonesia. The winner also received a one week trip to Sweden, including the opportunity to meet the IKEA of Sweden design team.
IKEA Batik Design Competition
batik design competition winner
Learn more about IKEA FoundationLearn more about the IKEA Foundation & Save the Children Indonesia partnership
In a partnership between Save the Children and IKEA’s Soft Toy campaign, the IKEA Foundation has worked to improve the livelihoods of women and children around the world for the past 12 years. The idea remains the same - IKEA Foundation donates Є1 of every soft toy sold in all IKEA stores globally during the months of November and December. Since 2003, the total donation made by IKEA Foundation has been Є67 million, with more than 10 million children supported in 46 different countries. In October of 2013, co-workers from IKEA Taiwan and Indonesia traveled to Bandung, West Java to witness a project funded by IKEA Foundation and spearheaded by Save the Children Indonesia, aimed to support children's rights to education and protect children with disabilities from discrimination.
IKEA Foundation & Save the Children Indonesia
iwitness campaign
Learn more about our local UTZ certified coffee beansLearn more about UTZ certification
UTZ certification is the world’s largest certification program for coffee, cocoa and tea production. UTZ certified coffee is of high quality and is produced under strict food safety regulations. Coffee beans are grown, picked and roasted in accordance with UTZ process requirements, ensuring better farming methods and improved working conditions for each farmer and their families. IKEA Indonesia will be serving locally sourced UTZ certified coffee in both customer and co-worker restaurant areas.
UTZ certified coffee beans
UTZ cofee beans
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