What services can I get?


Free Pick-up in Macau:

Either shop online or at our stores, we will deliver your items to the Macau Merchandise Pick-up for free.

Merchandise Pick-up:

Opening hours: 10:30 am- 7:30pm

Address: Unit U, 14/F, Block 3, Industrial Keck Seng No.143-173 Avenida De Venceslau De Morais, Macau.

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Home Delivery

Home Delivery Service:

We also provide home delivery service to Macau, the charges are shown below:

Product price ≤$ 1,000 >$ 1,000
- $ 4,000
>$ 4,000
Delivery charge $ 320 $ 420 $ 520
Buildings without lift or product can only access through staircases $30 per floor up to 8 floors (charges start from second floor)


Assembly Services:

If you choose to deliver the products to your home, we can also offer you an assembly service. The charge is 10% of the product price. Each IKEA furniture also includes an assembly instruction for your own assembly.

* Please note that this assembly service is strictly limited to IKEA product assembly and not applicable to kitchen and bathroom areas.

*For more information to our services, please see “Our Services to Macau Customers”.