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2019 IKEA Catalogue and Brochures

Here are 7 distinctive types of lifestyles with 7 unique stories of home demonstrations in 2019 New Catalogue!
Do you prefer exquisite decor or green living? Whatever style you like, we will unceasingly get you inspired.
Read the new catalogue now to experience how our affordable home products
can create a better everyday life for you!
Welcome to the 2019 IKEA Catalogue.
Explore and discover even more about our ideas, rooms and products
with extra content that brings it all closer to you.
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More brochures
There are different brochures to introduce the detailed information about related products. Please click them to view and to understand more.
Kitchen Brochure
IKEA Kitchen Brochure 2018>> View more
Bedroom Brochure
IKEA Bedroom Brochure 2018>> View more
Bathroom Brochure
IKEA Bathroom Brochure 2018>> View more
IKEA BUSINESS Brochure 2018>> View more
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