Just the right amount
The Swedish word Lagom means just the right amount is best. We love it because it’s what living a rewarding but responsible life is all about: not denying yourself or sacrificing what you love, while not taking from the planet more than you need. It’s just the right amount whether that’s food, energy, water or waste.
The Live LAGOM project
In 2014 and 2015 we asked IKEA employees to become sustainability ambassadors and gave them £450(500euro) each to invest in IKEA products that would help them save energy, save water, reduce waste, and live a healthy lifestyle. We then asked them to tell us how they got on throughout the year. We believe that our sustainable product range along with the learnings from previous years, a little support and inspiration can help this year’s ambassador’s move towards their goal. Find out more from this year’s ambassadors as they make small changes towards a kinder life at home. Welcome to #LiveLAGOM.
Last year's project
The Live LAGOM Project is an exciting challenge where we give co-workers the chance to make their homes more sustainable with £450 worth of IKEA products.

Meet our amazing sustainability ambassadors, who transformed their life at home as part of the Sustainable Living Project.
Neil and Marcela
We want to gather people from all around the UK to join the discussion on how to live more sustainably at home. Interested?
More information coming soon!

Hidden gems
Hidden Gems
You can save energy and water, create less waste, recycle more and live
more healthily. But with busy lives and tight budgets it can be hard to
know where to start. In this brochure we put the spotlight on products
from across the store that we think can help make a more kinder, more
wonderful everyday.
Discover the Hidden Gems below to find out more from last year’s ambassadors on how they made small changes towards a kinder life at home. Welcome to #LiveLAGOM.