A display of plates, glasses, glass jugs and candlesticks.
SITTNING collection - limited edition
The SITTNING collection is based on over 40 pieces of dinnerware, serveware, glasses, cutlery, vases, candle holders and tablecloths. Designed with coordination and composition in mind, these objects are ready to turn an ordinary evening into an extraordinary evening. Made from natural materials such as cotton, mouth-blown glass and solid wood. Available in all shapes and sizes, just like your loved ones.
A well-laid dining table with lit candles and many happy guests.A photo of Sigga Heimis, creative leader of the HEMSMAK collection.
Everyday spectacular
“SITTNING is about framing the food as much as the moment. We all love to meet with friends, sharing something more than just a meal. To make it effortless and beautiful, in a casual, warm and inviting way.”
Sigga Heimis
Creative Leader of SITTNING
A close-up of a laid table with wine glass, plates and a salad/dessert fork on a black place mat.A laid table with small bowls filled with olives and salt/pepper shakers in assorted grey shades.Two chopping boards in solid acacia, one with different cheeses and one with sausages.
The best moments in life are the shared moments. Turn any evening into a spectacular evening over an effortless mix and match table setting from the SITTNING collection.
Available from September 2015
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