Grow your indoor garden all year round

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From seed to plate. Indoor gardening is a beautiful way to bring a bit of the natural world inside. It’s easy, fun and full of flavour!
This May, IKEA is introducing an indoor gardening series that lets you grow your own tasty lettuce and herbs in water. Developed in collaboration with agricultural scientists in Sweden, KRYDDA/VÄXER series includes everything you need to get sprouting and keep your garden growing - even in the winter! How it works? Just keep an eye on the water level. That’s all.
Hydroponics simply means growing plants in water without soil. With added nutrients and the right light, it allows you to garden in any small space all year round. Most of the vegetables we eat today are grown this way, and now you can do it too.
“The challenge was to make growing plants in a hydroponic system simple, so that anyone could succeed ...”
Helena Karlén,
Swedish university of agricultural sciences