Forestry and wood

Wood is an excellent material from a quality and environmental perspective, as long as it is legally produced and comes from responsibly managed forests. IKEA only accepts wood from high conservation value forest or intact natural forest if they are verified as responsibly managed. Our long-term goal is to source all wood for IKEA products from forests certified as responsibly managed.

Requirements on wood suppliers

All IKEA wood suppliers must live up to the IKEA code of conduct IWAY. There is also a set of specific requirements that applies to all suppliers of solid wood, layer-glued, veneer and plywood. IKEA wood suppliers must be able to document the origin of their wood.

Forest tracing

Each year IKEA suppliers must report the origin, volume and species of all wood used in IKEA products. IKEA can then identify the level of the staircase model the supplier has reached.
This information and a risk assessment are used to select a number of wood supply chains for closer evaluation. IKEA forestry specialists audit the suppliers' and sub-contractors' wood supply from the factory all the way back to the forest of origin. Rainforest Alliance Smart Wood Program, a third-party auditor, complements the IKEA auditing system by conducting a limited number of wood supply chain audits.

Paper for the IKEA Catalogue

Every year millions of copies of the IKEA Catalogue, in many languages, are distributed to households all over the world. IKEA works actively towards sustainable production of the IKEA Catalogue.

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