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VAT and Invoices

Do you need an invoice?
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In our stores you can get a "Simplify invoice" instead of the old purchase ticket and ask for an "Ordinary invoice" in the same chek out. Aslo at your IKEA store they can help you, both in the chek out or Customer Service area.

Anyway, if you can't come to an IKEA store or you have an old ticket, send it to us via Postal Mail with the following form already compliment. (spanish)

In approximately two weeks you will receive yout ticket and invoice in the asked address.
* have you bought at IKEA Canary or Balearics? Visit your store.

** Invoice duplicate are only issued for existing invoices. IKEA dosen't issue duplicate for tickets.
VAT Return.
Devolución de IVA
¿Are you subject to the VAT exemption and want to know how to request a refund, when to process the invoice or what is the period to recover the amount?

We provide you below with all the details and in the form you will also find information about each case and our contact information.

Refund through GLOBAL BLUE: GLOBAL BLUE is a company dedicated to processing VAT refunds in exchange for a commission and offers its services in the Customer Service department of our IKEA stores. There they will inform you of the entire return process as well as the necessary documentation according to your case.

The VAT refund with GLOBAL BLUE can be done in case of being subject to the TRAVEL REGIME (individuals resident in a non-EU foreign country or resident in Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands) and provided that your purchase invoice is higher than 90.15 €

Refund through IKEA: if you decide to process your VAT refund directly with IKEA, please complete one of the following forms and send it to us with all the necessary documentation indicated to the postal address specified therein. (Spanish)

- IKEA Ibérica VAT refund form.
- IKEA Norte VAT refund form(IKEA Barakaldo).

In the case of export, when you are subject to the Regime of Travelers or Commercial Expedition Regime, it is essential to present the documentation in the customs to obtain the seal or the corresponding Customs Unique Document. Similarly, if you opt for the return with the company Global Blue will also be mandatory customs processing.

In intra-community deliveries the customs procedure is not necessary, but you must present the intra-community transport delivery note or a written document signed by your company certifying that the transport has been carried out by your own means. (Only applicable to companies)

The VAT refund period processed by IKEA is approximately ten days after we receive the correct documentation in our offices.

If you decide to manage the return with Global Blue, you can recover the VAT immediately at any of the Global Blue refund points around the world, or a few days later if you choose to send the pre-franked envelope.

Both Global Blue and IKEA only reimburse VAT in national bank accounts. If you do not have a bank account in a Spanish entity, a bank check for the amount of VAT will be sent to the postal address that you have indicated to us.