Sell your furniture

Let's save furniture

Decide which IKEA furniture you no longer want and return it to us to sell.

Find out how to do it.

What can I sell?

The following types of IKEA furniture, no matter whether they are in stock or not: drawers, tables, chairs, cabinets, desks, shelves and cabinets.

What can I not sell?

Any furniture that isn't IKEA and any IKEA furniture that isn't drawers, tables, chairs, cabinets, desks, shelves or cabinets.

What are the conditions?

It must be a piece of IKEA furniture that hasn't been modified. It must also be fully assembled. You don't need a receipt.


Fill in the form

You should fill in this form indicating your personal data, information about the furniture you want to sell (attaching four pictures) and indicating in which store you would like to deliver it.

You will receive an offer

An IKEA expert will value your furniture. Then you will receive an email indicating if at IKEA we want to buy it and the valuation based on current price.

Take your furniture

If you accept the offer, you need to bring the piece of furniture to the store. If it isn't assembled, we can provide you with tools so that you can assemble it in store.

Receive your compensation

An IKEA expert will verify that the furniture coincides with the photographs that were initially sent in. In exchange, you will receive an IKEA card that is loaded with the agreed proposed value.

Your furniture will go on sale

Your furniture will go on sale in the Bargain corner for the same price that you get paid fot it.