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IKEA products are designed to make your life at home better. To do this we use the perfect combination of good form, function, quality, sustainability and affordability. To produce our new FJÄLLBERGET chairs, made from layer-glued wood, we used IKEA thinking. Our designers, product developers and suppliers worked as a team to make an expensive manufacturing technique affordable, in order to create a beautiful, functional, high quality, yet low-cost product that really makes life at home better for the many people. Find out how we produced our FJÄLLBERGET chairs in this short video.
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Stack of IKEA boxes on a delivery bike being ridden by a man in glasses
LAMPAN table lamp as an example of good democratic design
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A more sustainable life at home
We have loads of affordable products and solutions tohelp you live a more sustainable life at home. They may seem like small things – LED bulbs, recycling waste baskets, food storage containers and the like – but that’s the beauty of small actions: they all add up! Explore People & Planet
A group of different IKEA recycling solutions arranged in a room