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At IKEA, you’ll find all kinds of great new products throughout the year that will make your home even more beautiful. So keep checking back in and let yourself be surprised by what's new!
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Explore over 1’522 new products
Thank you for 75 years together
Thank you for 75 years together
Seventy-five years have passed since Ingvar Kamprad founded IKEA by his uncle’s kitchen table. It’s time to celebrate! Together we’ve made home a better place. And here’s the thing - we’re up for another 75 if you are too. What do you say?
IKEA Second Chance
IKEA Second Chance
Need to get rid of IKEA furniture that is still in good condition? Give it a second chance!
Plastic reborn
Plastic reborn
IKEA is committing to circularity. Read about how they are reducing demands on the earth’s resources by giving waste new life.
#IKEA #ShareTalent
The results are in!
What happens when interior designers from IKEA decorate a living room together with customers?
Map showing our arrival, expansion and upcoming launches in countries around the world.
Reaching more of the many people
With 19 new IKEA stores, including our first in India, 2018 has been a very exciting year indeed! See how we’re creating a better everyday life for even more of the many people around the world.
Shireen Begum, co-worker at IKEA India, is one of many women challenging the country’s stuffy gender roles.
India: Opening doors to diversity
When we opened our first store in India, empowering women in the country’s workforce was an important priority. Follow the inspiring story of two new co-workers and see how joining our team has impacted their lives.
A portrait of Malin Pettersson-Beckeman, IKEA Project Manager for Sustainability Communication.
Helping to make a difference
Meet Malin Pettersson-Beckeman, Sustainability Communication Manager, for insight into how IKEA works on all levels towards our sustainability goals set out this year.
From partnering with Lego and Adidas to working with women in India, 2018 was the year of collaboration and community spirit at IKEA.
Shared passions: the key to success
Take a look at some of our most memorable collaborations from 2018. Working with a number of designers and causes – we were inspired and challenged to make our product range even better.