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TÄNKVÄRD - Available now

The TÄNKVÄRD throw with blue dots on a white background, hanging on a laundry line with other textiles from the same collection.
Natural made
TÄNKVÄRD is a tactile collection made from natural materials and fibres. The collection features rattan furniture, pieces that are light and easy. You’ll also find bed linens, towels, throws, pillows, a lamp, a rug and the must-have, must-wear jacquard kimono. All of the pieces have that slightly patinated look that will feel even better after being loved for years to come.

To the collection TÄNKVÄRD
“TÄNKVÄRD blends Scandinavian freshness with Japanese calm. The result is perfectly imperfect.”

Akanksha Deo, Designer
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This soft blue TÄNKVÄRD quilted bedspread gives a cosy feeling every morning.
Material-ism is TÄNKVÄRD Material-ism is celebrating nature’s finest textures and materials. Material-ism is what you want to have close to your skin. Material-ism is blue and subtle beige. Material-ism is about bringing beauty and calm to your home. Material-ism is TÄNKVÄRD.
A selection of pillowcases, quilt covers and bedspreads in shades of white and blue from the TÄNKVÄRD limited collection.The TÄNKVÄRD easy chair in woven rattan.The TÄNKVÄRD spa towels on a rattan clothes stand from the same collection.
“It’s when the textiles and colours are combined that the collection truly comes together.”
Iina Vuorivirta, Designer
“Rattan is wonderfully sustainable; it grows fast and brings livelihood to local communities around Indonesia.”
Iina Vuorivirta, Designer
“I think the TÄNKVÄRD textiles whisper “come and feel me.” We wanted to create something that people can form an emotional connection with, something that will make them feel homey and warm, now and for years to come.”
Akanksha Deo, Designer